Cabinet Conversations - President Philip Ryken and Dr. Paul Chelsen

November 2021 Update

Watch the entire video, or hover your cursor on the orange dot bookmarks and click to view a particular topic or question. Timestamps are also indicated below. 


  • 00:40 - What's one thing that's encouraged you in seeing how your daughters have engaged with their Wheaton education?
  • 01:47 - How is life different for our students this fall as compared to last fall?
  • 03:12 - What has been the impact on financial need during the pandemic for students and their families?
  • 03:57 - What have you noticed our leaders learning through dealing with COVID-19?
  • 05:47 - Is the College's current acceptance rate a concern?
  • 07:40 - Is there such a thing as "free college"?
  • 09:21 - How many people are vaccinated at Wheaton? (Visit our COVID-19 Information page for more info)
  • 10:08 - What are the positive and negative impacts of COVID's forced online delivery and student reception, thinking of a worldwide audience?
  • 12:00 - Is CRT having an influence on Christian Higher Education? the CCCU? Do you teach CRT at Wheaton?
  • 13:28 - How does the experience of the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated students differ on campus?
  • 15:22 - What are we seeing in terms of student mental health due to COVID and other challenges students face these days?
  • 17:08 - What are Orientation options for students who don't like camping?
  • 18:25 - How is Wheaton thinking about and addressing the deleterious effects of social media on human personhood?
  • 22:45 - What's happening with pre-law programs like Debate and the Washington semester at Wheaton today?
  • 24:22 - This is a time of student anxiety. Has that made recruiting RA's and other student leaders more difficult?
  • 28:21 - How is the College dealing with the political turmoil our culture is experiencing? (View the chaplain’s Chapel message from 11/8/21 that President Ryken references)
  • 34:15 - Where did the impetus for a program during commencement weekend honoring students of color come from?
  • 36:04 - What is Wheaton doing to facilitate affordable housing options for international graduate students?