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Converge Partner Program

Students who are accepted into the Converge ministry residency program may choose to enter the Converge Leadership Partner Program at Wheaton Graduate School. Through an arrangement between Wheaton College and Converge, upon:

  1. Successful completion of the Converge residency program, as documented by a report from the Converge Director of Residency, and
  2. Successful completion of the remaining degree requirements for the M.A. in Ministry Leadership,

Qualified students are granted a total of 10 credits (for their Converge courses) toward the completion of the M.A. in Ministry Leadership degree. The 10 credit hours awarded for their Converge will be 

  • MIN 547 Preaching
  • MIN 559 Organizational Change and Leadership in Ministry, and 
  • MIN 561 Congregational Leadership: Worship, Discipleship, and Care

In order to receive the Masters in Ministry Leadership, students take 32 semester hours of additional courses, including:

EVAN 526 Gospel: Theological Perspectives on Evangelism and Renewal 4
EVAN 542 Church: Movements & Models 4
EVAN 545 Culture: Emerging & Global * 4
MIN 558 Personal Leadership and Development in Ministry 4
BITH 533 Exploring the Old Testament 4
BITH 555 Exploring the New Testament 4
BITH 565 Christian Theology 4
BITH 566 Foundations for Biblical Interpretation 4
MIN 692 Comprehensive Exam 0
Total Credits 32

Students meet the graduate six-hour Biblical and Theological Studies requirement by taking BITH 565 and EVAN 526.