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Christ Fellowship Miami Partnership

Be inspired. Be challenged. Be equipped.

Do you have a passion to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ spread to unreached places? You're not alone. Christ Fellowship is a Southern Baptist affiliated church located in Miami, Florida. The vision for Christ Fellowship Miami is to launch campuses all across Miami-Dade County, online, throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, and to those places in the world where there is no Gospel witness. And now, Christ Fellowship Miami has partnered with Wheaton to create a cohort that will equip you to take your ministry to the next level.

The Christ Fellowship Miami cohort is a group of graduate students who choose to grow and learn together through Wheaton's M.A. in Ministry Leadership. Together with other Christ Fellowship Miami leaders, you will receive a unique education with a generous 25% discount scholarship toward your tuition for a full cohort.*

*If fewer than 15 students enroll, you will still be eligible for a smaller scholarship toward tuition.

Christ Fellowship Miami Cohort Ad for the M.A. in Ministry Leadership

  • Grow as a preacher as you lead from the pulpit
  • Gain skills in high-impact expository preaching
  • Join a graduate cohort with other pastors like you
  • Learn with world-renowned preachers who know how to translate theology into captivating and engaging sermons 
  • Earn your M.A. in Ministry Leadership through Wheaton College's School of Mission, Ministry, and Leadership
  • Join our exclusive Wheaton College + Christ Fellowship Miami cohort and receive a 25% discount
  • Invest time just twice a year to take classes in August at Wheaton College and January at Christ Fellowship in Miami, with the remainder of coursework completed online


A cohort is simply a group of people brought together for a common purpose. In a cohort model, students stay together as a group throughout the program, allowing them to develop deep life relationships with other leaders who are hungry to expand their biblical knowledge of Christ and His kingdom. The goal of a cohort is for the group to stay together as a learning community for the entire length of the program.

Great question! We are targeting two primary groups, credentialed ministers and other church leaders. What types of church leaders? Whatever type you are. You may have a title and official responsibility, or you may have an unofficial responsibility of influence. If your pastor considers you a leader in the church, then so do we.

As cultural changes accelerate, we need ministry leaders skilled in theory and practice who are able to make disciples and pursue Jesus’ mission in the world. The M.A. in Ministry Leadership is built with three core competency areas to train culturally savvy leaders for a life of service: mission, Bible and theology, and leadership.

The M.A. in Ministry Leadership has 42-credit hours of course work and is built on three core competency areas that are essential for ministry.

Mission Core:

The mission core is designed to train ministry leaders to be change agents for the Church and society and lead churches that grow through conversion. 

  • EVAN 526 Gospel: Theological Perspectives (4)
  • EVAN 542 Church: Movements and Models (4)
  • EVAN 545 Culture: Emerging and Global (4)

Leadership Core:

The leadership core is designed to help ministry leaders effectively lead organizations, themselves, and others, using their influence to transform the people and communities around them.

  • MIN 547 Preaching (2)
  • MIN 559 Organizational and Leadership Change in Ministry (4)
  • MIN 558 Personal Development and Leadership in Ministry (4)
  • MIN 561 Congregational Leadership: Worship, Discipleship, and Care (4)

Bible and Theology Core:

The Bible and theology core is designed to ground ministry leaders with a strong biblical, evangelical foundation so they can thoughtfully engage the world for Christ.

  • BITH 533 Exploring the Old Testament (4)
  • BITH 555 Exploring the New Testament (4)
  • BITH 565 Christian Theology (4)
  • BITH 566 Foundations for Biblical Interpretation (4)
  • MIN 692 Comprehensive Exam (0)

Nope! The modular and online program allows you to remain in your community and keep your job while earning your degree by taking the majority of classes online. 

For Christ Fellowship Miami partners, most of the courses will be offered online. Intensive cohort courses will be conducted in Florida, while intensive self-paced student courses will be conducted at Wheaton College.

Take a look at the Christ Fellowship Miami Degree Plan 8 30 19 to learn about the M.A. in Ministry Leadership degree sequence.

For more information about Wheaton's M.A. in Ministry Leadership offered in partnership with the Christ Fellowship Miami, please contact Graduate.Admissions@wheaton.edu.

Interested in the Christ Fellowship Miami Partnership?

Take your ministry to the next level with an M.A. in Ministry Leadership.