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HNGR Tuition and Funding

Program Costs

HNGR students are required to pay tuition for the credit and living expenses during the internship. Because of the reduced course load and lower cost of living in the Majority World, interns may find that their internship is less expensive than a typical Wheaton semester. The following is an estimate of the typical costs of a HNGR internship:


HNGR Estimate

Fall Tuition Cost (2018-2019)

  • HNGR 496 (4)
  • HNGR 495 (2)
  • HNGR 484 (4)


Room and Board








Other (e.g. Research expenses)


Estimated Costs for HNGR


Total Costs for 1 semester at Wheaton     


Financial Aid

All HNGR students are eligible for financial aid. Grants, scholarships, and loans that would normally apply to a Wheaton semester also apply to the HNGR internship semester. 

Scholarships and Grants

Resources from the John Stott Human Needs and Global Resource Scholarship Endowment may be applied to assist HNGR students who demonstrate financial need.  In addition, all HNGR students will receive assistance from the John Stott Endowment Travel Grants to help with travel expenses.  There are several other scholarships available to HNGR students based on merit or exceptional need.  These funds are managed through the Financial Aid Office.

Please contact the HNGR program for more information about tuition and funding.