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HNGR Timeline

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

HNGR Info meeting
with Assistant Director

HNGR Coursework (e.g. ANTH 353)

HNGR Coursework (e.g. HNGR Elective, HNGR 385)

HNGR 480/484 (readings)

HNGR Coursework (e.g. HNGR 114)

Written Application

HNGR Small Groups

XXX 495 (independent study)



World Relief Tutoring

HNGR 491/496 (internship)



Discuss Placement

Assessment Letters


Meet with Assistant Director

Plan Finances

Field Notes


Meet with Student Support Coordinator

Attend Outgoing intern retreats

Prepare for faculty visitor



Finalize Placement

Draft independent study



Correspond with Field Supervisor

Return home!



Make travel and health arrangements

Attend re-entry retreat



Complete pre-departure meeting

HNGR 494




Program debrief with Assistant Director




Re-entry conversation with Director




Re-entry conversation with Student Support Coordinator




Finalize independent study; present poster at HNGR Symposium




Host commissioning dinner for outgoing interns




Attend HNGR Certificate Celebration during graduation weekend