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FAQs regarding Registration

Frequently asked questions about how HNGR fits with your major requirements

Applied Health Science

How should AHS majors register in order to get AHS internship credit for the HNGR internship?

HNGR interns get 4 credits for HNGR 495, and HNGR supervises their internship. HNGR interns who are also AHS majors must submit a Departmental Recommendation Graduation Requirement Adjustment form to request fulfillment of the AHS Internship requirement for graduation.

HNGR interns who are also AHS majors will do a separate AHS Internship application (to be found on GoGlobal next year) which will note the above expectations. The AHS Application will be brief and non-redundant.

HNGR interns who are also AHS majors and work 320 hours or more during their internship may apply for 4 additional credits to be awarded from the AHS department. Awarding of the credits will be based on review by the AHS Chair and Internship Supervisor. Additional questions related to HNGR and AHS can be directed to Peter Walters.


Does HNGR count as the Study Abroad/Cultural Immersion Experience required for the major?

Yes, the HNGR certificate fulfills this requirement. Additional questions related to HNGR and Anthropology can be directed to Brian Howell.

Christian Formation & Ministry

How should CFM majors register in order to get CFM internship credit for the HNGR internship?

Students should only sign up for HNGR 496:Internship and then fill out the Departmental Recommendation Form from the registrar's office with approval from the CFM Department chair to have the HNGR course meet the requirement for CFM 496: Internship. On the form, the purpose of the request would be something along the lines of: "I am a CFM Major seeking a HNGR Certificate and I need both HNGR 496: Internship and CFM 496: Internship to graduate."

The rational to justify the request should be something along the lines of: "Please allow HNGR 496 to be used to also meet the 0 credit CFM 496 internship requirement for graduation."

CFM counts the HNGR in-field assignments as fulfilling the CFM internship requirements for journaling and integration paper. Additional questions related to HNGR and CFM can be directed to Dan Haase.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Under what academic discipline should students register their Independent Study Project (ISP) and Internship?

IDS students can complete a HNGR Independent Study Project in HNGR, or in the other disciplines that contribute to their major. IDS majors should never be required to complete an internship or an ISP for a particular discipline because they are not required to fulfill the expectations or requirements of the departments from which their courses are taken.

Can a student’s HNGR ISP count as an IDS Independent Study?

IDS students (including HNGR interns) are strongly encouraged (by IDS) to complete an IDS Independent Study in the Spring semester after they return from HNGR, but it is not required. Those who do this almost always do a 2-hour Independent Study (which has a very precise format protocol). Their HNGR ISP can contribute to this, but the students are expected to produce a unique product for the IDS 495 course. IDS students with a HNGR focus can (and should) certainly draw from their rich field experience and course work; however, they cannot use the exact same writing for completion of two distinct courses. Additional questions related to HNGR and IDS can be directed to Jeffry Davis.

International Relations/Political Science

How does the International Relations internship requirement relate to the HNGR internship?

The IR department will waive the IR internship requirement for students who have completed the HNGR internship. IR majors will need to take an additional 4 hours of upper-level IR course credit to replace the 4 hours of waived IR internship requirements. This can be fulfilled with the independent study project (ISP) requirement, if a student chooses.

Can a Political Science faculty member advise an ISP for International Relations credit?

Yes, a Political Science faculty can advise ISPs for IR credit. Additional questions related to HNGR and IR/Political Science can be directed to Kristin Garrett.


Can Psychology students do a HNGR internship for Psychology internship credit?

While the Psychology Department does not require an internship for graduation, the department generally advises Psychology students who wish to eventually apply for graduate school to have a Psychology internship on their transcript. In this case, HNGR students who are majoring in Psychology should discuss with the Psychology Department's internship advisor (Dr. Hannah) whether to register for a PSYC 495 Independent Study or a PSYC 496 Internship during the semester of the HNGR internship.

If registering for a PSYC 496 Internship, this course will replace the independent study course and NOT the HNGR 496 Internship. The student will still complete an independent study project, but the grade will be assigned for their PSYC 496 Internship course. In short, fall semester registration should be as follows: HNGR 496 Internship (4-8 hours), PSYC 496 Internship (0-4 hours), HNGR 484 GCP. Additional questions related to HNGR and Psychology can be directed to Darlene Hannah.