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Guest Faculty

The following guest faculty are teaching courses this year.


Course Name

Laine Malmquist, M.B.A.
BEC 227 - Accounting II
Stephen Johnson, M.S.Ed BEC 229 - Management Information Systems
James Spear, M.B.A. BEC 328 - Business Ethics
Paul Petricca, M.B.A. BEC 341 - Principles of Marketing
John Finley, CFA; M.S. Management ECON 345 - Money & Banking
Christopher Grant, M.S. BEC 382 - Digital Marketing
Mano Kamaleson, M.B.A. BEC 382 - Social Enterprise
David Leishman, J.D. BEC 352 - Business Law
Pam Marmon, M.B.A. BEC 382 - Organizational Effectiveness
Paul Schaller, M.S. BEC 342 - Principles of Management
David Fortosis, M.A. BEC 382 - The Business of Health


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