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Created or Crafted?

IdentityCreated or Crafted? Exploring Identity

Tuesday & Wednesday, March 17 & 18, 2010

As we continue to reflect on the moral implications of identity, we will address areas of great challenge and significance. Our first event will feature Dr. Beth Jones addressing the relationship between evangelical identity and feminism, and one major question she will ask us to consider is whether a term like “feminism” is the right one to use when we are considering the relationships of men and women in the church and society. She will challenge us to change the terms of our conversation and move beyond rancor that often surrounds this topic.

In tandem with our Student government, CACE has invited Andrew Marin and Christopher Yuan to have a public conversation on the topic. A fully Christian response to homosexuality is one of the greatest challenges for the evangelical church today. In a highly politicized culture, how do we move toward empathy and compassion toward homosexuals (within the church and without) and a greater understanding of the social/cultural developments that have influenced our understanding of sexual identity?

The second day of the conference will feature an intriguing panel facilitated by Dr. Jay Wood of the Philosophy department. Dr. Wood has written a book on virtue (chapter excerpt on right) and has invited other colleagues to consider intellectual virtue from the perspective of their own disciplines. This promises to be a fascinating discussion.

Our final event is our keynote lecture by Dr. Anthony Bradley. As suggested by the article link below, Dr. Bradley will raise the question of how we move toward affirming the full dignity of persons, particularly African-Americans. He will challenge us to consider how we see each other, which raises the question of our moral obligations related to pursuing a truthful understanding of those who are different from us.

Beth Felker JonesTuesday, March 16, Blanchard 339, 4:00 PM
Changing the Conversation about Evangelical Feminism
Featuring Beth Felker Jones, Assistant Professor of Theology



Andrew MarinChristopher YuanTuesday, March 16, Armerding Lecture Hall, 7:00 PM
Understanding Challenges in Sexual Identity. How We Act, Speak and Perceive.
Featuring Andrew Marin & Christopher Yuan




Jay WoodWednesday, March 17, Blanchard Hall 339, 4:00 PM
Shaping Christian Identity: Educating for character as well as content.
Panel Discussion lead by Dr. Jay Wood, Professor of Philosophy. Other panelists include: Dr. Becky Eggiman,Chemistry, Dr. Brian Howell, Anthropology, Dr. Emily Langan, Communications, and Dr. Bryan McGraw, Political Science.


Anthony BradleyWednesday, March 17, Barrows Auditorium, 7:00 PM
"Can You Really See Me?: Social Justice & Loving the Other"
Featured speaker, Dr. Anthony Bradley, The King's College




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Penner debates are administered by the Center for Applied Christian Ethics of Wheaton College, under the sponsorship of The Penner Foundation. Topics include: The Use of the Human Genome, The Greatest Moral Challenges in the Next Decade, Can you be Catholic and Evangelical?, and many more.

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