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Christian Moral Formation Lectureship

One Identity and Multiple Voices2009 Christian Moral Formation Lectureship

"One Identity and Multiple Voices?
Forming the Christian Self" with Dr. Steve Kang
Monday lecture, Tuesday lecture



Steve KangIs one’s identity a unitary concept that one forges during her adolescent years and, having successfully done so, can move on to bigger and better things in life with her identity intact? Or is that a mere hopeful illusion in this ever-protean world that is intertwined among seemingly an infinite variety of “post” conditions? Should a belief in the reality of the Triune God matter when it comes to our attempts at identity formation?

I want to invite those restless Christians to consider envisioning together the Christian self in light of the God whose eternal being is in his becoming among us.

Dr. Steve Kang

Promoting and encouraging the formation of moral character and the application of biblical ethics to contemporary moral decisions

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