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From the CACE Director

Vincent BacoteAs the director of the Center for Applied Christian Ethics at Wheaton College, I am excited about the possibilities and opportunities that lie before us.  In the coming year we will have many interesting speakers and events to help us in the task of discerning our responsibilities in society and negotiating the complexities which inevitably arise. Please join us throughout the year, and meanwhile peruse our website to see the many resources we have available.

Dr. Vincent Bacote
Director of Center for Applied Christian Ethics
Associate Professor of Theology

Email: Vincent.Bacote@wheaton.edu

Find out more about Dr. Bacote at vincentbacote.com


In Search of a Better Evangelical Theology

The “Good News” is central to evangelical theology and the movement known as evangelicalism, but according to Dr. Bacote the news has not always been good for minorities who inhabit evangelical communities and institutions in the United States.  

Blanchard Hall

Wide Awoke at Wheaton

You don't want to miss the article by our Director, Dr. Vincent Bacote recently published by CURRENT, Wide Awoke at Wheaton where he addresses a recent article in First Things regarding Woke Theory at Evangelical Colleges.

Applying Discipleship to our Political Lives

Applying Discipleship to our Political Lives

Congratulations to Dr. Vincent Bacote for receiving a Fourth Place Award from Evangelical Press Association for his article Applying Discipleship to our Political Lives, published by thebanner.org.

Vincent Bacote Director of Center for Applied Christian Ethics at Wheaton College
Dr. Vincent Bacote was recently featured on CT's Quick to Listen Podcast "Why Christians Stopped Talking About Jesus' Second Coming". From the Left Behind Series to a generational shift in talking about end times, the podcast explores ways to recapture the eschatological imagination.
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