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From the CACE Director

Dr. Vincent Bacote

As the director of the Center for Applied Christian Ethics at Wheaton College, I am excited about the possibilities and opportunities that lie before us.  In the coming year we will have many interesting speakers and events to help us in the task of discerning our responsibilities in society and negotiating the complexities which inevitably arise. Please join us throughout the year, and meanwhile peruse our website to see the many resources we have available.

Dr. Vincent Bacote
Director of Center for Applied Christian Ethics
Associate Professor of Theology

Email: Vincent.Bacote@wheaton.edu

Find out more about Dr. Bacote at vincentbacote.com

Want Answers to Tough Cultural Questions? Listen to Dr. Bacote's on air interview.

Dr. Bacote was recently interviewed by Dr. David Anderson on his radio show Afternoons with David Anderson on WAVA radio in Washington DC. Some of the topics touched on included Ferguson, MO as well as marriage, identity issues and a host of cultural topics. The file is available at WETN.org.