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CACE has been offering our videos on YouTube since 2008.  With over 170,000 views by 426 subscribers CACE continues to add to this popular resource regularly.  View Cornel West, Paul Farmer, and Karen Swallow Prior.  Maybe you'd like to go way back and hear from Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop.  There's something for everyone!

MP4 Video Resources: 

Faculty Panel 
Does God Favor the Poor? If so what does that mean for us?

Andrew Nemr Chapel

Dr. Cornel West
Christianity, Pragmatism, and Democracy

Dr. Charles Mathewes
Freedom and Responsibility for Christian Citizens

Douthat, Ross
Bad Religion, How we Became a Nation of Heretics

Tripp, Paul
Finding Sexual Sanity in a Culture Gone Crazy

Tyson, John and Miller, David
Can Faith Work in Business?

Doll, Bob
Failure: The Surprising Stepping Stone to Success.

Kniffin, Eric
Why Are We Doing This?  Wheaton and the HHS Lawsuit.

Johnson, Timothy 
The Truth About Getting Sick in America

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