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Lectures from 2011-12 
CACE Theme: mBody

02/16/12  Lehrer, Riva
Mirror Shards: Animals & Metaphor (art that addresses the disabled human body)
02/09/12 Raphael, Judith
On the Fly
02/07/12 Bantum, Brian
The Bodied Word: Theology, Discipleship and the Problem of the Visible Body
02/02/12 Chavez, Lia
The Revitalized Gaze: Nudity, Molten Bodies, and the Spectatorship of Intimacy
11/02/11 Leithart, Peter
Defending Constantine?
11/01/11 Rice, Chris
The Pilgrimage to Transformation:  Tasting the Mysteries of God in a Divided World
10/31/11 Rice, Chris
Mission, Justice and Holiness:  A Crossroads in Christian History
10/24/2011 Panel Discussion: Strauss, Gideon, Wooten, Colin
What is Just Service?
09/19/2011 Starbuck, Margot

Lectures from 2010-11 
CACE Theme: Challenges in Christian Ethics

03/29/2011  White, Andrew
Faith under Fire: The Persecution of Christians in Baghdad
03/28/2011 Fea, Dr. John
The Moral Responsibility of the Historian & the Case for Christian America
03/24/2011 Volf, Dr. Miroslav
Allah: A Christian Response
03/23/2011 Kuehne, Dr. Dale
Sex and the iWorld
03/23/2011 Larsen, Dr. Tim
The Evangelical Mind Today
03/21/2011 Chaplin, Johathan
What Makes a Nation Christian?
03/14/2011 Jones, Dr. Stanton
What the Sciences have to say about Homosexuality
01/19/2011 Patel, Jethani
Christian Muslim Relationships: The Response to Christian Pluralism
02/09/11  Stackhouse, Dr. John
Can God be Trusted? Faith and the Challenge of Evil
01/24/2011 Stauffer, Dr Carl
Subversive Engagement: A Christian's Posture in the 21st Century
11/02/2010 Schmalzbauer, Dr. John
The Blessing of an Uneasy Conscience • Ethics
10/20/2010 Faculty Panel
Light in a Dark World • Ethics
10/07/2010 Philpott, Dr. Dan
Justice after evil: A Christian Ethic on Political Reconciliation • Ethics
10/05/2010 Bassard, Dr. Kathy
Race and Redemption in the Age of Obama • Ethics
09/02/2010 PENNER DEBATE:  Arrn, Larry, Kilner, John McLuhan, Eric
Greatest Moral Challenges in the Next Decade2
09/02/2010 PENNER DEBATE:  Arrn, Larry, Kilner, John McLuhan, Eric
Greatest Moral Challenges in the Next Decade1

Lectures from 2009-10
CACE Theme: Created or Crafted: Exploring Identity

03/31/2010 Litfin, Dr. Duane
Identity of a Christian College and Q & A • Identity
03/17/2010 Bradley, Dr. Anthony
Can You Really See Me?: Social Justice & Loving the Other • Identity
03/17/2010 Faculty Panel
Shaping Christian Identity: Educating for character as well as content • Identity
03/16/2010 Jones, Beth Felker
Changing the Conversation about Evangelical Feminism • Identity
02/10/2010 Panel Discussion
Who's Welcome at the Table? • Identity
02/03/2010 Glaude, Dr. Eddie
African American Identity through a Pragmatic Lens & Q & A • Identity
01/20/2010  Kimball, Dan and Skye Jethani
The Emerging Church Lecture 2 • Identity
01/19/2010  Kimball, Dan
The Emerging Church Lecture 1 • Identity
One Identity, Multiple Voices: Forming the Christian Self 2 Identity
One Identity, Multiple Voices: Forming the Christian Self 1 Identity
09/03/2009  PENNER DEBATE: George & Beckwith
Can you be Catholic and Evangelical? & Q & A • Identity

Lectures from 2008-09 
CACE Theme: Whats the Frequency

04/07/2009  D'Souza, Dinesh
A Reasonable Faith: Intellectual Foundations for Communicating the Gospel in American Culture • Theology 
04/06/2009  D'Souza, Dinesh
A Christian Response to the New Atheism • Theology 
04/06/2009  McKibben, Bill
Building a movement to defend creation • Climate
04/06/2009  McKibben, Bill
An age of missing information • Media 
03/17/2009  Schuchardt, Dr. Read & Campen, Bryan
iPhone, therefore iAm • Media 
02/27/2009  Patitucci, John, Cowherd, Jon and Witkowski, Deanna
Christians in the Music Business 
02/27/2009  Lewis, Dr. Mark & Reifsnyder, David
Getting into the Room • Media 
The Nature of Power - Washington 
The Nature of Power - Hollywood 
  2008 Theology Conference
  Block, Dr. Daniel
The Decalogue in the Old Testament • Theology 
  Evans, Dr. Craig
The Decalogue in the New Testament • Theology 
  Salvesen, Dr. Alison
Origen and the Church Fathers • Theology 
  Novak, Dr. David
Maimonides of the First Commandment • Theology
  Levering, Dr. Matthew
Aquinas on the Decalogue • Theology 
  Novak, Dr. David
Maimonides of the First Commandment • Theology 
  Wengert, Dr. Timothy
Martin Luther on the Ten Commandments • Theology 
  Schreiner, Dr. Susan
John Calvin on the Ten Commandments • Theology 
  Greenman, Dr. Jeffrey
Lancelot Andrewes on the Ten Commandments • Theology 
  Trueman, Dr. Carl
John Owen on the Decalogue • Theology 
  Long, Dr. D. Stephen
John Wesley and the Relation of the Two Tables • Theology
  Larsen, Dr. Timothy
Christina Rossetti, the Decalogue, & Biblical Interpretation 
  Husinger, Dr. George
Karl Barth on the First Commandment • Theology 

Lectures from 2007-08 

04/04/2008  Marsh, Dr. Charles
Redemption, Reconciliation & Creation of Beloved Community: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Christian Vision 
03/05/2008  Long, Dr. D. Stephen
Political Questions Christians Must Ask
03/04/2008  Flake, Bottum, Skillen
Christian Politics & Public Life: & Pt 2 w/Q & A
03/04/2008  Flake, Dr. Floyd H.
Reflections on Public Service and Private Life 
03/04/2008  Bottum, Dr. Joseph
The Political Disaster of the Protestant Mainline 
03/03/2008  Skillen, Dr. Jim
Public Service, Rightly Understood, is Kingdom Service 
2/19/2008  Wallis, Dr. Jim
The Great Awakening 
11/14/2007  Lindsay, D. Michael
Faith in the Halls of Power 
11/09- 09/2007  Strauss, Gideon
Wonder, Heartbreak, and Hope 
10/11/2007  Coats, Fazio, Gerson
Christian Moral Engagement in Politics & Q & A
09/20/2007  Panel Discussion
HIV and Morality Part 1 & HIV and Morality Panel Part 2 

Lectures from 2006-07

04/27/2007  Holmes, Dr. Arthur
Just War Theory • Politics 
02/15/2007  Grohe, Herr Hermann
Working as a Christian in German Politics • Politics
02/22/2007  Brown, Ed
Development and the Environment • Climate 
02/22/2007  Morris, Vincent
The Greening of Wheaton College • Climate 
02/21/2007  Halteman, Dr. Matt
Living Toward the Peaceable Kingdom
02/21/2007  Halteman, Dr. Matt
Animal Rights and Christian Responsibility
02/21/2007 Moo, Dr. Doug
New Testament Eschatology & the Environment 
02/21/2007  Ohlman, Dean
The Lord Says to Take Care of His World • Climate 
01/25/2007  Houghton, Sir John
Global Warming: A Challenge to Scientists & Christians • Climate 
1/24/2007  Houghton, Sir John
Sir John's Word to Pastors • Climate 
11/13/2006  Litfin, Dr. Duane
Global Climate Change Panel Introductory Remarks • Climate 
11/13/2006 Allen, Dr. Douglas
Is the Sky Falling? A Brief Overview of Climate Change Science 
11/13/2006 Page, Dr. Kristen
Global Climate Change: Implications for Global Health • Climate
11/13/2006  Hill, Dr. P.J. Hill
The Economics of Global Climate Change • Climate
11/13/2006  Toly, Dr. Noah
Climate Change: The International Response • Climate 
10/19/2006  Tsao, Fred
Making Sense of the Immigration Debate • Politics 
10/31/2006  Alexander, Ann
The Earth is the Lord's: A Christian Perspective on Property Rights 
09/19/2006  Sleeth, Matthew
Why Wheaton College Needs to Take a Leadership Role in Earth Stewardship 

Lectures from 2005-06

  Stem Cell Symposium and Lectures
04/05/2006  Final Panel Discussion
Guest Speakers and Wheaton College Faculty • Stem Cell
04/04/2006  Hurlbut, Dr. William
Issues Regarding Stem Cell Technology • Stem Cell 
04/04/02006  Kilner, Dr. John
What should be done with Stem Cells? • Stem Cell  
04/03/2006  Overview Session
Overview of Stem Cell Development • Stem Cell
04/03/2006  Andrews, Dr. Peter
What can be done with Stem Cells? • Stem Cell 
03/15/2006  Mitchell, Dr. C. Ben
Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Risks to Women
03/01/2006  Prentice, Dr. David
Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine • Stem Cell 
02/22/2006  Cameron, Dr. Nigel
The Federal Stem Cell Policy Debate • Stem Cell 
02/02/2006  Fletcher, Dr. David
Stem Cell Research within Moral Limits 
02/15/2006  Cook, Dr. E. David
Stem Cells-Fact, Fiction and Values • Stem Cell 
01/25/2006  Pun, Dr. Pattle
Overview of Advantages & Ethics of Biotechnology • Stem Cell 
01/18/2006  Kennett, Dr. Roger
Overview of Cell and Developmental Biology • Stem Cell 
03/23/2006  Taylor, Dr. Mark Lewis
Prophetic Spirit: Speaking Truth To Power 
03/23/2006  Swain, Dr. Carol
Main Issues in Contemporary Immigration Debates 
03/22/2006  Swain, Dr. Carol
Racial Reconciliation the Right & Wrong Way
03/21/2006  Clark, Dr. Chap
Hope for a HURT Generation 
11/09/2005  DeBorst, Ruth Padilla
The Song of Justice • Christian Moral Formation Lectureship
11/08/2005  DeBorst, Ruth Padilla
Grace of Community • Christian Moral Formation Lectureship 
11/07/2005  DeBorst, Ruth Padilla
The Heart of Darkness • Christian Moral Formation Lectureship 
  2005 Theology Conference - Sermon on the Mount 
  Cavanaugh, Dr. William
On: Pope John Paul II • Sermon on the Mount 
  Hauerwas, Dr. Stanley
On: Bonhoeffer & John H. Yoder • Sermon on the Mount 
  Noll, Dr. Mark A.
On: John Wesley • Sermon on the Mount 
  Jeffrey, Dr. David Lyle
On: Dante • Sermon on the Mount 
  Mitchell, Dr. Margaret
On: John Chrysostom • Sermon on the Mount
  Coolman, Dr. Boyd Taylor
On: Hugh of St. Victor • Sermon on the Mount 
09/15/2005  Land & Skillen
The Role of the United States in the World Community 

Resources for 2004-05

03/18/2005  Cook, Dr. E. David
Neuroethics in Perspective • The Future of Humanity 
03/17/2005 Mitchell, Dr. C. Ben
Remaking Humans: The New Utopians vs a Truly Human Future
03/16/2005 Meilaender, Dr. Gilbert
Bioethics & the Character of Human Life • Future of Humanity
02/17/2005 Ryken, Dr. Leland
Business, Missions, and Work as a Christian Vocation • Business
02/17/2005 Cook, Dr. E. David
Business and Stewardship • Business
02/17/2005 Padilla, René
Seeking the Kingdom of God in Business • Business
02/17/2005 Naughton, Michael
Just Wages • Business
09/16/2004 Building a Better Human: Is it morally acceptable to enhance the chemical and genetic nature of persons?Audio Part 1 • Audio Part 2 • Audio Part 3

Resources for 2003-04

"Moral Judgment and Decision Making in a Corporate Society" 

Resources for 2002-03

02/20/2003, "Liberty, Security, and Dissent"
Sider, Schneider
Christians and Wealth

Resources for 2001-02

"Cultivating Conscience: Exploring Moral Development"

Resources for 2000-01

The Ethical Challenges of Globalization

2002-03 CACE Audio Archive

Please contact us at 630.752.5886 or to obtain these resources.

"What is a Christian Patriotic Duty after 9/11?"
Public Debate - September 10, 2002
Cassette | VHS
Gary Bauer (President, American Values) and Tony Campolo, Ph.D. (President, Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education)
"An Afternoon with Peggy Wehmeyer"
September 18, 2003
Co-sponsored with the Communication Department - Peggy Wehmeyer (a broadcast journalist)
"Morality and Responsible Decision Making" - September 26, 2002
Co-sponsored with the Communication Department - Stanley Deetz, Ph.D. (University of Colorado), Mr. Bill Pollard (ServiceMaster), and P. J. Hill, Ph.D. (Wheaton College)
"Freedom and Sex: Finding the Lines in a Promiscuous Age"
November 21, 2002
All Campus Forum - Co-sponsored with the Academic Affairs Office, Student Development, Student Activities, Chaplain's Office, Counseling Center, Residence Life, Student Health Services, and Student Government - David Scherer (Worth Waiting For), Linda Klepacki (Worth Waiting For), Gilbert Meilaender, Ph.D. (Valparaiso University),and Lisa McMinn (Wheaton College)
"The Bible and Homosexual Practice"
February 5, 2003
Co-sponsored with the Provost's Office, Chaplain's Office, and the Bible, Theology, Archaeology, and World Religion Department - Robert Gagnon, Ph.D. (Pittsburgh Theological Seminary)
"Christians and Wealth"
February 10, 2003
 Co-sponsored with Missions in Focus - Ron Sider, Ph.D. (Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger) and John Schneider (Godly Materialism)
"A Message of Resistance and Hope"
February 13, 2003
Co-sponsored with Human Needs and Global Resources, Plowshares, and Earthkeepers - Jesus Tecu Osorio (Guatemalan Human Rights)

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