Deicke Student Fellowships

The Lois Deicke Fund for Ethics Education honors the character and the legacy of Lois Deicke’s life.  The CACE Student Fellow program will honor Lois by providing financial support for one or more Wheaton College students to work with the programs and activities of the Center for Applied Christian Ethics (CACE). As a condition for holding this appointment, the student must:

  • Hold talents and abilities fitting the needs of CACE.
  • Indicate an interest in the work of CACE.
  • Demonstrate a pattern of personal responsibility and interest in serving others.
  • Be willing and able to honorably represent CACE and the name of Lois Deicke in public functions.

Current Student Fellow:
Steven Preston (23)

Previous Student Fellows:
Cody Bivins, (19) Graduate Fellow
Laura Clark (17)
Robert Jones (17)
Kayo Motta (16) Graduate Fellow
Drew Boa (15)
Patrick Lannen (14)
Richie Kovac (15)
Matt Vaselkiv (14)
Rachel Brooks (12)
Wes Davison (13)
Graham Smith (12)
Michael Burns (11)
Jordan McGurran-Meinen (10)
Greg Ayers (09)