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2009-10 CACE Events

09/03/2009 Penner Event: Can you be Catholic and Evangelical?
George & Beckwith
10/01/2009 Sviraj Balkan: Jam Dance Lessons and and Concert
10/22/2009 Asian Music For Everyone: Multiple Events
co-sponsored w/Conservatory of Music
11/08/2009 Christian Moral Formation Lectureship
Kang, Steve
01/19/2010 The Emerging Church: Origins, Doctrine, Truth, Rumors
Kimball and Jethani
02/03/2010 African-American Identity through a Pragmatic Lens
Glaude, Eddie
02/10/2010 Who's welcome at the table?
Wheaton Faculty
03/16/2010 CACE Spring Conference: Exploring Identity: Created or Crafted?
03/31/2010 The Identity of a Christian College
Litfin, Duane