Digital Archives & Exhibits

Digital Exhibits from the Evangelism & Missions Archives

The Evangelism & Missions Archives' digital exhibits combine documents and artifacts from the collections with historical narrative to offer a glimpse inside the story of North American, nondenominational evangelism and global missions. These exhibits focus on significant individuals or events, such as Christian evangelism during the Jazz Age, Billy Graham's seminal 1957 New York Crusade, and Jim Elliot and "Operation Auca" in Ecuador.

To Carry the Light Further

Want to learn more about the history of Christian evangelism or global missions? Visit our online exhibits to view archival treasures and hear voices from the past. 

Digital Exhibits from the Wheaton College Archives

The College Archives' digital exhibits include documents and artifacts from the collections along with historical narrative to tell the story of Wheaton College and its predecessor, the Illinois Institute. These exhibits include explorations of significant individuals, places, and events, such as Jonathan Blanchard and the history of campus buildings. 

Blanchard Tower

Want to learn more about the history of Wheaton College? Visit our online exhibits to see archival highlights from the collections. 

Digital Exhibits from Special Collections

Special Collections' digital exhibits include select documents and rare books from the collections, such as Martin Luther's Operationes in Psalmos, 1519. 

760x760 Operationes Psalmos

Want to explore rare books from Special Collections? Visit our collections at Internet Archive to see digitized materials from the collections.