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Torrey M. Johnson Research Grant

The Torrey M. Johnson, Sr. Research Grant exists to support scholars, independent researchers, pastors, evangelists, or students researching the history of Christian evangelism or global missions through the collections of the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center Archives.

Head shot of Torrey JohnsonA visionary leader, evangelist, and pastor in the mid-twentieth century, Rev. Torrey Maynard Johnson Sr. (1909-2002) was the first President of Youth for Christ and founding member of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE). While Johnson traveled and preached throughout the world, he had a special passion for mentoring young evangelists, the most famous of whom was Billy Graham. Johnson's papers are preserved and available for research in the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center Archives. 

In 2007, the Torrey family established the Torrey M. Johnson, Sr. Scholarship fund to support the work of the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center, specifically in the areas of evangelism training and research. For visitors using the Archives' collections, the Torrey M. Johnson Research Grant offers financial assistance for research projects that intersect with the history of evangelism or missions.

The Torrey M. Johnson, Sr. Scholarship Fund was made possible by family and friends of Dr. Johnson. His passion in life was serving Christ through evangelism of the lost, and it is befitting that he be remembered through this endeavor to benefit those whose life choice is similar. Youth for Christ was an important part of his life and their motto may be appropriate to consider: "Geared to the Times and Anchored to the Rock." God bless you as you seek His will in your life.

                                                                                                                                                         – The Johnson Family

Grant Guidelines

Planning a research visit to the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center Archives? Please contact archives staff for more information and a copy of the grant application. Completed applications are accepted and reviewed throughout the year. 

Criteria for Grants:    

  • Research to be done should have high relevance to the history and/or practice of Christian evangelism.
  • Preference will be given to researchers more likely to be in the greatest need of financial assistance.
  • Favor will be shown to applicants in full-time Christian work.
  • Applicants must live at least 75 miles from Wheaton, Illinois
  • Applicants must send in their application at least six weeks prior to their research visit at the BGC Archives.
  • Applicants should be making the trip to the Archives predominantly to use resources unique to the BGC Archives

Purpose of the Grant: 

Grants may be used to cover a portion of travel and living expenses for researchers visiting the Billy Graham Center Archives to study the history or practice of Christian evangelism. The Torrey M. Johnson Grant supports a wide variety of research projects, whether intended for scholarly publication, ministry enhancement, or personal enrichment.

Type of Applicants:

The BGC Archives especially welcomes applications from individuals in graduate level thesis and doctoral programs. Undergraduate students and persons working on non-scholarly projects are also encouraged to  apply and will receive full consideration.

Review of Applications:    

Applications for grants will be reviewed as they are received. The grant awarded may be for less than the sum requested in the application. Grant applications should be for no more than USD $500.00. 

Needed for Reimbursement:

Research grants will be made in the form of reimbursement for expenses. Recipients will be required to submit receipts (originals, not copies) for approved expenses and a 1-2 page report detailing their research. They will then receive a check in US dollars within 30 days after these materials are received by the Billy Graham Center Archives.

Dates of Research Visit:

Grant awards are contingent upon the researcher arriving at the Archives on the date indicated on the grant application. If a researcher does not arrive on the stated date, the grant may be rescinded by the Archives and given to another applicant. 

Grant Eligibility:

Applicants are welcome to apply for the Torrey M. Johnson Research Grant more than once. Only one grant per person per 24-month period will be awarded. For instance, a researcher who receives grant in June 2014 will not be eligible again until July 2016.