Pandita Ramabai

Banners from the Rotunda of Witnesses

Pandita RamabaiBanner Quote:

The only thing that must be done by me is to tell people of Him.

A persuasive advocate for women and children in India, Pandita Ramabai is shown in her native India wearing the traditional dress she wore throughout her life. She became a Christian in 1883 while studying in England, and was impressed by the Christian outreach of love and compassion she witnessed in London. Ramabai returned to India and founded teaching institutes for young widows and orphans. School supplies reflect Ramabai’s lifelong commitment to education for all. She is shown holding her Bible, which she read daily and also translated into her native Marathi from the original Hebrew and Greek. She is wearing the Kaisar-i-Hind medal, awarded in 1919 for her exemplary public service in India. Seen here among widows and an orphan, Pandita Ramabai devoted her life to the Christian care of society’s outcasts.