Justin Martyr

First Century A.D.

Banners from the Rotunda of Witnesses


Banner Quote:

No one trusted in Socrates so as to die for his doctrine. But in Christ, not only philosophers and scholars believed, but also artisans, and people entirely uneducated despising glory, and fear, and death.

Early church father Justin Martyr is shown in his philosopher's cloak, one hand holding a scroll representing his many writings, the other lifted up in surrender to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Behind him stands the old man by the shore of Ephesus who first testified to him of Christ's redeeming love. Above him are six of his students who were put to death with Justin for openly proclaiming their faith. At the top of the banner are scenes from Rome where so many early Christians gave their lives in martyrdom. The symbol of the anchor with the fish is an early Christian sign for the faithful and is repeated seven times, in memory of Justin and his six students. In Justin's teaching, all human aspirations had their summation in Jesus Christ.