Billy Graham Museum Gallery Exhibits

Start Your Visit in the Gallery

Cape Town Banners at Billy Graham Museum

Cape Town Banners of Reconciliation

A visit to the Billy Graham Museum begins in the Gallery. There guests can enjoy the stunning Cape Town Banners of Reconciliation. The Cape Town Banners of Reconciliation show beautiful, beaded depictions of various stories from both the Old and New Testament.

Billy Graham Memorial Portraits

Billy Graham Memorial PortraitsYou'll also enjoy the moving Billy Graham Memorial Portraits exhibit featuring unique insight into Billy Graham's life and global reach. Periodically we remove the Billy Graham Memorial Portraits temporarily when special collections are on display in the Gallery.



Visitor Exploring Billy Graham Museum
Explore the Museum Exhibits

After you visit the Gallery exhibits, you'll move into the main museum with much more to explore including the Rotunda of Witnesses and a History of Evangelism in North America.