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Rotunda of Witnesses



The Apostle Paul - Rotunda of Witnesses

Before anything was created, He existed, and He holds all things in unity.

Justin Martyr - Rotunda of Witnesses

...in Christ, not only philosophers and scholars believed, but also artisans, and people entirely uneducated despising glory, and fear, and death.

Gregory the Great - Rotunda of Witnesses

To this end the Lord appeared in the flesh that he might arouse the life of man by his teaching, kindle it by his example, redeem it by his death, and renew it by his resurrection.

St. Francis of Assisi - Rotunda of Witnesses

You are wisdom. You are peace. You are beauty. You are eternal life.

John Wycliffe - Rotunda of Witnesses

Christ's deeds and examples are commandments of what we should do.

Martin Luther - Rotunda of Witnesses

When you have Him you have all; but you have also lost all when you lose Him. Stay with Christ, although your eyes do not see Him and your reason does not grasp Him.

Blaise Pascal - Rotunda of Witnesses

Not only do we know God through Jesus Christ we only know ourselves through Jesus Christ.

Jonathan Edwards - Rotunda of Witnesses

Though millions of sacrifices had been offered; yet nothing was done to purchase redemption before Christ's incarnation...so nothing was done after His resurrection, to purchase redemption for men. Nor will there be anything more done to all eternity.

Oswald Chambers - Rotunda of Witnesses

...if we know him first as Savior by being born again from above, we know that he did not come to teach us only: he came to make us what he teaches we should be.