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Cape Town Banners of Reconciliation

Banners from 2010 Lausanne Conference in Cape Town, South Africa

Six Themes of Christ's Reconciling Work

cape town banners, 6 joined

The use of the Arts to share the Gospel message was demonstrated at the Cape Town 2010 Congress.  These banners illustrating the six daily Congress themes were designed by a South African artist and beaded by rural craftsmen from Kwa-Zulu Natal Province, South Africa.  

The overarching theme of the Congress was “God in Christ reconciling the world to himself”
(2 Corinthians 5:19).  The blood of Jesus Christ through which this work of reconciliation was done is represented by the red stripe.  This work of reconciliation is shown all through Scripture.  

Each day’s theme is portrayed through one Old Testament and one New Testament story.

 cape town banner 1

Day One:  Truth - Making the case for the TRUTH of CHRIST in a Pluralistic, Globalized World

    New Testament:  Christ’s baptism (Matthew 3:16-17; John 1:32,34)
    Old Testament:  Moses and the burning bush (Exodus 3:5b, 6, 14a)



cape town banner 2

Day Two:  Reconciliation - Building the PEACE of CHRIST in our Divided and Broken World

    New Testament:  Christ’s crucifixion (Matthew 20:17-19a; John 1:29b; 3:16;  1 Corinthians 5:7b)
    Old Testament:  Abraham and Isaac (Genesis 22:7,8a; Isaiah 53:7b)



cape town banner 3

Day Three:  World Faiths - Bearing witness to the LOVE of CHRIST with People of Other Faiths

    New Testament:  Jesus and the Samaritan woman (John 4:10; John 4:35, 39, 41, 42)
    Old Testament:  Daniel in the lion’s den in Babylon (Daniel 1:3, 4, 8a; Daniel 6:20b)


cape town banner 4

Day Four:  Priorities - Discerning the WILL of CHRIST for 21st Century World Evangelization

    New Testament:  The disciples fishing (John 1:41, 42a; Luke 5:4, 10b)
    Old Testament:  Jonah (Jonah 1:1-2a, 3a, 15a, 17a, 3:1,2; 4:10a, 11)



cape town banner 5

Day Five:  Integrity - Calling the CHURCH of CHRIST back to Humility, Integrity and Simplicity

    New Testament:  Jesus washing the disciples’ feet (John 13:3-5a; 13:12b-15)
    Old Testament:  David and Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11:27b;  12:5b, 13a)



cape town banner 6

Day Six:  Partnership - Partnering in the BODY of CHRIST Toward a New Global Equilibrium

    New Testament:  Christ’s ascension and charge to the disciples (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8)
    Old Testament:  Ruth and Boaz (Ruth 1:16b, 4:13, 17b)

Capetown Banners