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Want to get your name on the list for a specific residence hall? Make your deposit today and choose where you want to pursue life with God together. You’ll find real friends to do real life with…far beyond your years at Wheaton. Also, Smaber (Smith-Traber) and Fischer rivalries are real…IYKYK

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Get first choice in your orientation location. Passage Orientation is epic, and there's power in choice. Downtown Chicago? Northwoods? You decide when you submit your deposit

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Wondering what registering for classes will look like? Submit your deposit today, and you'll get access to an exclusive early class registration preview in May.

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Attend the Christ at the Core Event
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Christ at the Core

All about our general education coursework requirements. How do you meet them? What do all the acronyms mean? This session is essential for students to understand Wheaton's curriculum.
Tuesday, April 16
7:00-8:30pm CST

Attend a Meeting Core Competencies Event
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Meeting Core Competencies

Writing, Public Speaking, and Language—how do you meet these requirements? Go in-depth on these requirements and how they can be met (or not) with competency exams or placement. Dr. Arielle Akines, our language director, will join us as we talk through the language requirement.
Monday, April 22
7:00-8:30pm CST

Attend a Major Academic Plans (MAPs) Event
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Major Academic Plans (MAPs)

How do you know in what order to take classes? MAPs! Join us for an in-depth look at our major academic plans and how you can use them to compare majors and plan for your time at Wheaton. 
Monday, April 29
7:00-8:30pm CST

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Passage Orientation

Your time with us begins with Wheaton Passage, our excellent orientation experience for all new students. Passage will help you adapt to your new life by building community and connecting with the students, professors, and staff members who will be part of your new home. 


Learn More About Passage
Wheaton Friendships

Wheaton friendships last a lifetime. Hear from some Wheaton alumni about the relationships they cultivated as students that still impact their lives as adults.

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