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Ariel Norquist, Admissions Counselor

Our admissions counselors are equipped to lead you through the admissions process.


  • International Students (Non-US Citizens)

In Her Own Words

Admissions Counselor Profile Image Ariel Norquist A Christian Liberal Arts curriculum is the perfect complement to a global perspective. This is a prominent feature of a Wheaton College education, and this has been my own experience as a learner and follower of Christ.

For over a decade I have served students crossing cultural or national borders in pursuit of educational advancement. If you desire to study at Wheaton College as an International student, I’m here to help you.

Our campus is already home to students from over 90 countries and all 50 states, and further globalizing the Wheaton experience is one of our priorities for all students. It’s exciting to me personally to be a part of pursuing Christ-Centered diversity among our student body, faculty, staff, curriculum and programming.

If you’d like to learn more about how Wheaton might become a part of the dynamic story God is writing in your life, please contact me.

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