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Freshman Student Profile - Nathan Belsley

Nathan BelsleyMeet Nathan

Hometown: Ankara, Turkey

Major: Undeclared, most likely Bible and Theology

What’s been the best part of the first semester of your freshmen year at Wheaton?

The best part of the first semester of my freshman year at Wheaton has been the incredible conversations I’ve been able to have with people, worship nights and All-School Communion nights, and spontaneous hangouts and food runs with friends!

What were your top highlights from your first semester?

There are quite a few memorable moments that come to mind, but one highlight that stands out is walking around downtown Wheaton at night with friends sipping hot cocoa. Another memory that sticks out to me is playing pickup basketball during the first few weeks of the semester and getting to know people!

What was your favorite class you took this Fall and why?

My favorite class was Core 101 with Dan Haase! He is a very intentional teacher and I loved getting to know everyone in my class on a more personal level, which the class is designed to do through interesting discussions.

What’s your favorite restaurant/shop in Downtown Wheaton and why?

I would have to say that my favorite restaurant/shop in downtown Wheaton is probably My Half of the Sky! I have had a lot of good coffee and valuable conversations there. It’s an awesome place to study if you can get a study booth, too!

What is your favorite menu item at Anderson Commons? 

My favorite menu item is DEFINITELY the salad from the salad bar on Tuesdays. Don’t miss it!

What is your favorite study spot on campus and why?

My favorite study spot on campus is definitely the top floor of the Billy Graham Hall. On sunny afternoons, it’s a perfect spot to read and do homework with a few friends. It’s a very peaceful environment.

If you could go back and tell yourself one piece of advice during the college search process, what would it be?

If I could go back and tell myself one piece of advice during the college search process, it would be to reach out to current students at the colleges I was interested in and get their opinion on the schools! Getting feedback from students at schools is very valuable in the college search process.

Share some words of encouragement for admitted students.

Congratulations! Being admitted to Wheaton is incredible! You’ve come so far and worked so hard to get to this point. Continue to talk with your family, friends, and pray about where God wants you to go to school! Wheaton is an amazing school and you will be blessed no matter what your decision is.