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Applying to GUP


No Longer Accepting Applications for Summer 2019...

Check back in Fall 2019 Academic Year!


If you are interested in applying for a GUP program this summer, you can apply at Wheaton's goglobal site >>. When you get to this site, click on ministry and co-curricular tab, and scroll down to Global Urban Perspectives. Sign in with your network username and campus network password when prompted. 

Please follow the site's instructions for online submission. Applications will only be available online.  Make sure to use Firefox or Google Chrome as your web browser. When you apply, please select TBD as your location. Also, do not choose dates at the time of application. We will update this information on your behalf post selection. If you have any questions or need assistance please feel free to email Corrie Johnson, Assistant Director of Summer Programs. All applications are due November 14th, 2018. (We will be accepting applications past this date IF interview spaces are available. Spaces are filled on a first come first served basis)

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Applications are due November 14th, 2018
  • We will be conducting interviews November 1st-30th 2018
  • Decision Letters will be mailed out through CPO on December 3rd, 2018
  • Our first orientation meeting will be December 6th, 2018
  • Kick-Off Workshop will be January 18th-20th, 2019

Current Opportunities for the Summer of 2019:

Los Angeles, California

Students will join long-term InnerChange staff in the MacArthur Park community in their efforts to be present with their neighbors and attentive to God's Spirit in the work of making disciples and developing local partners and leaders as they seek transformation from the bottom up and inside out. They will gain a better understanding of what a commitment to an InnerChange team looks like, what it means to be a "Christian Order among the Poor" and joining in to rhythms of meeting together, sharing a weekly meal, praying together, taking a day of sabbath rest each week, doing Discovery Bible Studies, and participating in learning community action/reflection meetings. Ministry events over the summer include art VBS, a community art project with local high school students, and also learning about and blessing other ministries in LA.

Chicago, Illinois

Students partner with Sunshine Gospel Ministries in the Woodlawn community on the South side of Chicago, IL. There are opportunities to be involved in running a day camp for elementary students or supporting a work program for high school youth that provides them with local work opportunities. There is also the possibility of serving as project coordinator for a program called Bridgebuilders by hosting teams of students who learn and serve alongside the long-term staff and community members in efforts to foster reciprocity, healthy relationships, and sustainable ministry. 

Xela, Guatemala:

Students will join long-term InnerChange staff as they seek to respond to the problem of children and youth on the streets of Xela by forming friendships and being conduits of God's love for them, as they build bonds of trust, seek freedom from addictions, and choose to leave the life of the street behind through occupational rehabilitation, academic support, and ongoing discipleship. There are also opportunities to lead weekly worship and Bible study in a women's jail as well as supporting immigrant youth who are living in deportation centers. 

Mexico City, Mexico

In order to effect holistic change in urban poor communities, Urban Mosaic works through a variety of initiatives from church planting and coaching, to youth and family programs, to advocacy, counseling, and health services. During the summer, students help run summer courses for youth and children, and special workshops based on the skills of the interns. In 2019, we will be launching an Urban Leadership School that involves a theology/learning component and then practical applications. Students will be able to participate in learning and practicum portions of the program. they will also have the opportunity of living with host families and getting an in-depth perspective of the opportunities and challenges of a contemporary urban slum context.

Manila, The Philippines:

Intervarsity's Global Urban Trek partners with four organizations in Metro Manila, and depending on participant placements, involvement and activities will look different from site to site. 

1. Living Springs: A church planted by Servants to Asia's Urban poor, who is now indigenously led, and serves its community through activities and services. Participants assist staff in church leadership and programming, and are hosted by church members/leaders.

2. Onesimo: A foundation that serves at-risk young adults by offering them rehabilitation though alternative education, vocational skills training, and spiritual formation. Participants are placed at a center to live among the young adults in the program, participating in their activities and assisting the program staff.

3. Samaritana is an organization that helps women exit the sex industry, and provides vocational skills training, personal development, rehabilitation, and spiritual formation. Trek participants who are placed here will live with staff or women in the program. 

4. Manila Underground: A house church network that serves different communities throughout Manila through various means of outreach and community groups. It has several house churches focused on ministering in urban slum areas. Participants will live with house church staff, assist in programming, attend leadership meetings, and help with outreach projects.