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Why is there so much hype surrounding internships?

83% of the Wheaton class of 2020 know why! They gained experience and explored their interests through internships around the world.

In fact, research has shown that students who complete at least one internship are twice as likely to be engaged in their future jobs. In other words, internships lead to a better sense of where you best fit and why.

Finding an Internship

Come to Drop-Ins or meet with your career coach to discuss your internship search. Your coach can help you discover what types of internships to explore and how you can prepare to land one. You'll work together to develop a customized plan to find and land an internship that is just right for you.

You can schedule a 1:1 Coaching Appointment with your career coach on Handshake

Internship Recruiting On-Campus

Employers are on-campus throughout the school year recruiting for internship positions. Keep an eye out for the Center for Vocation and Career's Weekly Email for announcements and find upcoming employer events on Handshake. 

Internships on Handshake

Handshake is a great place to search for available internships and jobs. Sign in to Handshake to view and apply for internships.

Student interning at Hope International
Gabby Siefert '19 interning at Hope International.

Student interning in oceanography.
Ellie Tan '19 completing a research internship at the University of Rhode Island. 

Student interning at HighPoint Church as videographer.
Noah Barnes '20 interning at HighPointe Church.

Student interning at Qilu Hospital at Shandong University in China.
Cathy Shi '20 interning at Shandong University's Qilu Hospital in China.

Student interning at Citgo.
Philip Ziesemer '19 interning at Citgo Petroleum. 

Student interning in medical research.
Rachel Crosley Lyons '19 interning with Indiana University.

Funding for Internships

Wheaton College believes all students should have the opportunity to complete at least one internship while in college. Because summer is an ideal time to complete an internship, offices and centers across Wheaton’s campus offer awards and scholarships to make unpaid internships more attainable and sustainable for Wheaton students. Learn more about internship funding.