Cover Letters, Resumes, & Interviews

A compelling resume and cover letter can be your ticket to an interview!

Take the time to format and customize your cover letter and resume so you will stand out from the crowd. See the CVC's best practices below.

Not sure where to begin? Make an appointment! Our trained staff are happy to review your resume or cover letter to provide tips and insights to help you put your best foot forward.

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Cover Letter Tips and Outline

Writing a cover letter is more of an art than a science: there’s not always a strict formula to follow, but there are guiding principles for writing a compelling one

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Customizing Your Resume and Cover Letter

In today’s highly competitive job market, customizing both your resume and cover letter to each individual position will differentiate you from other applicants.

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Formatting Your Resume

On average, your resume receives about 6 seconds of attention. Here’s how to stand out by formatting your resume well. See sample resumes for some inspiration, or get started with the CVC's resume template.

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Interviewing 101

Whether virtual or in-person, an interview is your opportunity to show why you’re not only qualified for this particular job, but a great fit for the company as a whole.

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Types of Interviews and Questions

Not all interviews or interview questions are the same. When you prepare for a variety of interview and question formats, you will feel confident in whatever interview situation you encounter.