Know Yourself

In order to make decisions about your future, you need to know who you are. 

BluePrint (Know Yourself) - 650x500 (3.0)


A unique tool developed by the Center for Vocation and Career's Director, Dee Pierce, myStory is a workbook designed to walk students through the process of vocational exploration, self-discovery, skills development, and career discernment.

From self-assessment to career analysis, marketing yourself to networking, this tool gives structure to the process of preparing for career and vocation after Wheaton. 


The CliftonStrengths Assessment has been taken by over 18 million people worldwide, and is used by top corporations, non-profit organizations, and universities. At Wheaton, we believe strengths are the combination of how God has wired you and your life experiences.

Understanding your top 5 strengths will uncover your natural skills and abilities and provide common language to talk about group dynamics, career pursuits, and leadership opportunities. 

What Are Your 5?

What Are Your 5?, also known as WAY5, is a first-year exclusive event centered around a student's Top 5 strengths. First-year students take the CliftonStrengths assessment and then spend a Saturday morning with their friends exploring their Top 5 strengths with upper-class students. 

Canvas: Framing Your Vocation and Career

A series designed especially for sophomores, Canvas features four distinct events to guide students through the Blueprint layers Know Yourself and Explore Possibilities. 

Career Coaching

Our career coaches are embedded in the academic majors, each specialized to serve their students' unique needs. Meet our coaches

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