Networking Night

One of the best resources available to Wheaton students is our incredible alumni network.

A 2020 survey ranked Wheaton College #13 on the list of the “Top 25 universities according to alumni ratings.” Wheaton College was one of only two faith-based schools on a list that included Princeton, Yale, MIT, Duke, Harvard, and Stanford.

With over 48,000 living alumni in just about any industry imaginable, Wheaton students are strongly encouraged to learn from those who have gone before them as they consider their first next steps after Wheaton.

Networking Night provides Wheaton students the opportunity to connect directly with local alumni to discover how alumni have used their Wheaton education to build the Church and benefit society worldwide in a variety of roles, organizations, and industries.

With limited space, we can't promise we'll have every industry represented. But we can promise that students will walk away with warm connections to Wheaton alumni, a wider understanding of opportunities for their next step after graduation, and more confidence in navigating the world of networking.