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Meet the Team

Dee moved into the role of Director of the Center for Vocation and Career in July 2016. After just one year she doubled the size of the team, aligning the coaching staff within academic departments, reimagining the approach to serving the students of Wheaton College, and using data to show us where and how to adjust. These changes are intended to create an environment where all students are actively developing a plan for their life post-graduation and are prepared to execute their unique plans. Through technology, specialized coaching services, and more programming to engage students in learning in interactive and welcoming events, Dee is leading the way to a new day in preparing students for service in the kingdom after graduation.

Bringing her learning from tenures in Federal and state government, the non-profit sector, and a Big Four consulting firm, Dee’s breadth of experience enables her to bring a strategic perspective to the work of creating a center that recognizes the changing world in which our students will seek employment.

Dee earned her M.A. in Christian Formation and Ministry with a concentration in Student Development from Wheaton College in May 2017. Her undergraduate degree in Government is from Franklin and Marshall College. She is the proud mother of two daughters, both of whom have very strong ideas about their own vocational pursuits! You can contact her at dee.pierce@wheaton.edu.

After a career in Chick-fil-A management and residence life at Wheaton College, Ethan joined the CVC in June of 2017.

In his role, Ethan focuses on developing a large portion of the CVC staff (including the Career Coaches and the CVC Ambassadors), as well as facilitating campus-wide internship efforts.

Ethan graduated with academic honors from Wheaton College Graduate School, receiving an M.A. in Christian Formation and Ministry with a concentration in Student Development. His B.A. from John Brown University focused on academic research and writing, history, and theological studies. You can contact him at ethan.jones@wheaton.edu

Forrest Clements CVC Headshot

Forrest joined the CVC in November 2018 after spending two years working in human resources at Tyndale House Publishers, where he managed the company’s payroll and benefits, and coordinated employee events. He also worked for three years with a small non-profit organization called Alpha USA (which produces the Alpha Course, a ten-week course to introduce people to the basics of the Christian faith). At Alpha, Forrest wore numerous hats across several departments including HR, marketing, development, publishing, and customer service, covering a wide variety of responsibilities such as recruiting, compensation analysis, year-end giving campaigns, inventory management, and customer service supervision. He is thrilled to bring his HR background and a unique mix of analytical and relational skills to serve students in the humanities departments and help them discover how incredibly versatile their degree can be in today’s rapidly changing marketplace and society.

Forrest is excited to return to Wheaton where he earned his B.A. in English Writing and Psychology, as well as an M.A. in Evangelism and Leadership. You can contact him at forrest.clements@wheaton.edu.

Olivia Lorimer CVC Headshot

Olivia joined the CVC in the Fall of 2019. After graduating in 2011, Olivia moved to Upstate New York and worked at a camp ministry in the Adirondacks. After a short season back in the Chicago area, Olivia’s love of the outdoors brought her to Laramie, Wyoming to work in a nonprofit ministry as a wilderness guide and course support manager. Olivia accumulated more than 80 days in the mountains over three summers as an instructor, leading groups of 6-12 teenagers on 20-day backpacking & rock climbing expeditions. Olivia then transitioned to an administrative role in a pregnancy resource clinic based in Laramie and eventually moved back to the Chicago area in the Spring of 2019.

Olivia is grateful for the wide range of roles she has been able to fill over 10+ years of experience working in nonprofit ministry, and she is eager to bring her experience to the CVC team. Though she misses the mountains, Olivia is thrilled to begin a new adventure at Wheaton College and work with students as they prepare for post-graduate life.

Olivia graduated from Wheaton College with a B.A. in Interpersonal Communication and a minor in Economics. You can contact her at olivia.lorimer@wheaton.edu.

Alejandra Guzman CVC HeadshotAlejandra joined the CVC in the Fall of 2020. She began her professional pursuits in higher education as an Admissions Counselor for Wheaton College immediately following graduation. While serving as a counselor, Alejandra developed strong relationships with her students and parents, taking great care to address their concerns and questions at every point in the admissions process. In addition to responsibilities in recruiting, she taught a course for Wheaton’s BRIDGE program, preparing high-achieving high school seniors for success in the college admissions process.

Having read hundreds of personal statements during 3 years in her role, Alejandra is well-equipped to help students translate their experiences into cover letters, personal statements, and ultimately, interviews with future employers or grad schools. She is eager to continue supporting Wheaton students in this new role through a healthy amount of challenge, empathy, a commitment to accessibility and representation for all students, and her signature hospitality with long-standing, “Café Ale.” She looks forward to journeying alongside students as they create, define, and accomplish their goals, and discern the many post-graduate options available to them. 

Alejandra graduated from Wheaton College with a B.A. in Sociology in 2017. You can contact her at alejandra.guzman@wheaton.edu.

Sarah Laribee CVC HeadshotSarah joined the CVC team in September 2020. An English major in college, she knew her degree would “never” lead her to teach… and then promptly changed her mind following graduation, returning for a second Bachelors in Education. Fostering her craft in the classroom, Sarah loved teaching in the public school system but found an even greater draw toward volunteering in student discipleship opportunities. Following her time leading an intentional Christian living community at her alma mater, Colorado State University, she was Director of The Lighthouse, and there developed a Christian leadership curriculum along with her coaching, pastoral, and counseling skills. She transitioned to the role of Director of Student Ministries at Church of the Ascension in Pittsburgh before making her way to the Kurdish region of Iraq to teach English at a K-12 classical school in 2014.

Her 5 years in the Middle East exponentially increased her compassion for the wideness of the world that God loves and equipped her for developing vibrant professional relationships with people from myriad cultures and backgrounds. 

At Colorado State University, Sarah earned her B.A. in English/Education and a minor in Philosophy. You can contact her at sarah.laribee@wheaton.edu.

Alley began her time with the CVC in June 2019 after completing her master's at Wheaton and working in Residence Life. Before graduate school, Alley started her career in the automotive industry in digital marketing and account management, building a skillset in copywriting, design, and targeted marketing. 

In her role, Alley manages the strategic planning of CVC communication for the student body and outside audiences. In addition, she oversees the planning, marketing, and execution of all major CVC programs and events. She brings her passion for space, hospitality, and welcoming environments into her role, with the goal of making programming accessible for all students. Alley combines her creative marketing energy with her experience in crisis and care response, team facilitation, and task management as she tackles the CVC’s event logistics, strategic communication, and brand development. 

Alley holds a B.A. in Interpersonal Communication and a M.A. in Student Development from Wheaton College. You can contact her at alley.kammer@wheaton.edu.