A Global Community of Servant Scholars

Wheaton College Graduate School has a vibrant international student community composed of first-rate students from around the world.


Thank you for your interest in Wheaton College Graduate School. Our graduate student body of 500 students brings together people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and interests. International students are a vital part of that diversity.

As you consider different graduate schools and programs, you will notice that Wheaton’s distinction is our quality. The mission of Wheaton College Graduate School is to form servant leaders through exceptional graduate programs for Christ and His Kingdom.

Applying to the Graduate School

There are three steps international students must take when applying to the Graduate School. 

Step 1: Answer the question, “Is Wheaton College Graduate School right for me?”

Step 2: Apply to Wheaton College Graduate School 

Step 3: Plan Your Trip to Wheaton

The regular application deadline for international students is January 1. The PsyD application deadline is December 15. International applications may take several months to process, so you are recommended to start the process early.

Meet Your Counselor

Yuli To

International Graduate Admissions Counselor

E-mail & Skype ID: yuli.to@wheaton.edu

Yuli ToI is here to assist you in your application process, which includes: