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SGI staff provides clinical consultations related to sexual and gender identity concerns.

Consultations can range from 2 hours to a day and a half. We take a team approach to consultations, with Dr. Yarhouse and 1-2 doctoral students who are training to be psychologists working collaboratively to address the questions that are under consideration.

We also provide consultations related to gender identity concerns. Gender identity refers to a person’s experience of themselves as male or female. Gender identity concerns are often related to childhood or adolescent experiences of gender atypicality. Consultations are typically scheduled for 7 hours, and we work to accommodate a family’s schedule, particularly if they are coming from out-of-state. We work as a team; the team includes Dr. Yarhouse and typically 1-2 doctoral students who are training to be psychologists. The approach we take utilizes a number of assessment approaches, including in-depth clinical and developmental interviews. These consultations often end with suggestions for parents as to how they might make specific applications of recommendations that would then be tailored to a family’s circumstances.

Consultations are also provided to individual therapists, as well as professional organizations, churches, colleges, and universities. Consultation services are provided in conjunction with Providence Consulting and Clinical Services, P.C.