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Sexual and Gender Identity Institute Videos

These are a collection of videos on a range of topics related to sexual and gender identity. Click the "+" to expand and view a video. 

This is an address to Chapelstreet Church in which Dr. Mark Yarhouse discusses gender identity and the Bible.  

Dr. Yarhouse translates practical wisdom for clinicians from his book, Gender Identity and Faith, to how to provide pastoral care to children, youth, and adults pursuing congruence between their gender identity and faith.


Having “the talk” with your kids is hard enough, but given the culture we’re living in today, parents are now being forced to have multiple difficult conversations around the topics of sexual identity, transgenderism, and how God created us with their kids. On this timely episode of Unapologetic, Julia’s friend and colleague, Julianne Thompson, steps into the host chair to chat with the director of the Sexual and Gender Identity Institute at Wheaton College, Dr. Mark Yarhouse, all about how to have these conversations with our kids.


The Healthy Dialogue Series presents Mark Yarhouse, author of Emerging Gender Identities