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Clinical Trainings

Clinical Trainings

We offer training in Sexual Identity Therapy in which the overarching approach is to create a therapeutic space in which people can explore sexual identity questions and their personal or religious faith identity.

The model we use is referred to as Sexual Identity Therapy, which emphasizes achieving congruence in terms of living and identifying oneself in ways that are consistent with one’s beliefs and values. Individual, couple, family, and group therapy may be provided and allows people the opportunity to explore and unpack questions or concerns related to sexual identity development.

Individual therapy can assist people as they navigate questions or concerns related to sexual identity. With couples it can often be helpful to find a safe place to sort out relevant concerns if one partner experiences same-sex attraction and they are both trying to determine whether and how to maintain their marriage. Family therapy is offered to assist families in navigating sexual identity questions in adolescence, as well as improve family relationships, particularly communication and problem solving. Individuals who experience same-sex attraction may feel they are alone, and group therapy can be especially helpful to men and women as it provides them with a safe and supportive place to sort out sexual identity concerns.

Trainings are offered in conjunction with Providence Consulting and Clinical Services, P.C.