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Dean Reginald Rapp, Ph.D.

History Department

Professor of History Emeritus
On Faculty since 1970-2010


Ph.D. British History, 1760-1914, The Johns Hopkins University, 1971

M.A. Modern European History, University of Pennsylvania, 1969

M.A. British History, 1760-1914, The Johns Hopkins University, 1969

B.A. History, Wheaton College, cum laude, 1964

Taught at Wheaton 1970-2010

Dr. Rapp's greatest teaching interest was in social and cultural history, both of Britain and Europe from about 1789 through 1945.

Outside the classroom and research, he enjoys reading British mystery novels (Ruth Rendell, P.D. James and Ian Rankin are among his favorites). He lives in Chicago and enjoys the many activities of urban life -- walking along the lake, attending plays and symphony concerts, eating out at restaurants, and visiting new attractions that come to the city. Dr. Rapp's favorite activity, however, is overseas travel. He has been to Europe many times (especially London), as well as several times to Asia and Africa. Other than London, his favorite cities are Paris, Berlin, Vienna and Istanbul.