Faculty Profiles

Laura S. Meitzner Yoder Headshot

Laura S. Meitzner Yoder, Ph.D.

Director and John Stott Chair of Human Needs and Global Resources; Professor of Environmental Studies

On Faculty since 2013
Schell Hall Lower Level

Dr. Yoder's research focuses on human-environment interactions in remote villages and urban centers of Southeast Asia and Latin America. She has sought to understand rural people’s realities by working alongside smallholder farmers and forest dwellers and to communicate their priorities to national and international policymakers. Most of her work has been in situations of conflict, disaster, chronic poverty, or political marginalization. From people in these contexts, she has seen hope, joy, and how much there is to learn in unexpected places. Her ongoing work in Timor-Leste examines the interactions between customary and state authorities regarding land and forest management.

In Asia and in North America, she enjoys guiding students and faculty through intercultural learning and research in field contexts. Serving at a state university with the Mennonite Central Committee in West Papua, Indonesia, she advised Indonesian students and worked with the local church and other organizations to secure land and forest access for rainforest dwellers. Responding to the December 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia, she taught at the local state university and led a social research methods training program for hundreds of Acehnese professionals. This initiative contributed to social healing after the dual tragedies of the tsunami and the decades of civil strife in the province.

Since 2008, Laura has taught about sustainability and field research on rural and international development, in Thailand, Bhutan, Indiana, and elsewhere. She is keenly interested in the socio-political, legal, and faith dimensions of environmental issues worldwide. Her interests include languages, writing, tropical fruits, histories of botanical exploration and colonial governance, walking in forest shade, swimming, and asking questions.

Yale University
Ph.D., Forestry & Environmental Studies (Social Ecology)

Cornell University (USA) and the Zamorano Pan-American School of Agriculture (Honduras)
M.P.S. (Agr.), International Agriculture and Rural Development

Messiah College
B.A., Natural Science-Biology

  • Experiential Learning
  • Political Ecology
  • International Development
  • Southeast Asia
  • International Association for the Study of the Commons
  • Asian Borderlands Research Network
  • American Anthropological Association
  • Society for Economic Botany
  • Resource access in situations of conflict, disaster, and political marginalization
  • Livelihood strategies of smallholder farmers, swiddeners, and forest dwellers
  • Faith dimensions of human-nature relationships
  • Cross-cultural and experiential learning
  • Seed systems and biodiversity

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