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Faculty Profiles

Kim Sasser

Kimberly Sasser, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English

On Faculty since 2013
Blanchard 311

In general, my work tends to focus on contemporary literary fiction written by/about people whose lives cross borders of nation-state, culture, language, race, and other ostensibly circumscribed categories. I have studied these topics through the angles of form (magical realism, the [neo]baroque, and other formal migrations); ethically-driven discourses (cosmopolitanism, postcolonial theory, and humanism); methodology (comparative and transnational); and thematics (belonging, solidarity, and self/other). I am a sucker for a challenge. I feel most alive when I am engaged in an intellectual problem; when I am inhabiting my many family roles as mommy, wife, sister, and daughter; when I am pursuing/responding to God; and when I am pushing my body to the limits in a workout. On the other end of the spectrum, I relish respite from work. I’ll enjoy an ice cream or a latte anytime, anywhere.

University of Edinburgh
Ph.D., English Literature, 2011

University of Texas at Arlington
M.A., English, 2006

Lamar University
B.A., English, 2003

  • Contemporary Literature
  • Literature
  • Border Studies

“Magical Realism, Corporeal Take-Overs, and Uncanny Subjectivity: Belonging in Oyeyemi’s The Icarus Girl”
Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Edinburgh, UK

Nigeria, The Long-Armed Woman: Gender as Diasporic Anxiety in Oyeyemi’s The Icarus Girl
The Annual Africa Conference, Austin

Postdoctoral Work

  • The Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • The University of Edinburgh, Spring and Summer 2013
  • The Institute for World Literature
  • Peking University in Beijing, China, Summer 2011 - Director David Damrosch

Selected Teaching

Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, courses taught include Magical Realism, West African Literature, Modern Global Literature, and Research and Composition

Volunteer Work

  • Life Church, college home group and children's church volunteer, 2013 - Present
  • The Oaks Christian Fellowship, Fall 2003 – Spring 2013
  • Journeyman, Inc. (youth arts program), Fall 2005 – Spring 2013
  • New Life Opportunities and Haven of Love (drug addiction and prostitution intervention programs), Fall 2010 – Fall 2011
  • Edinburgh Christian Postgraduate Fellowship, Fall 2009 - Fall 2010

Magical Realism in a Global Context, Latin America and the World
Kimberly Sasser, Sarah Rogers, 2015

Proliferation: Oyeyemi’s The Icarus Girl and the Case for Magical Realisms, Critical Insights: Magical Realism
Kimberly Sasser, 2014