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Faculty Profiles


Juliette Kletzing

Guest Instructor of Education - TESOL

On Faculty since 2022

Master of Arts in Linguistics
Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Master of Arts in TESOL and Intercultural Studies
Wheaton College Graduate School

Bachelor of Arts in Ancient Languages
Wheaton College

  • Minority Language Research
  • Beginning English Language Learners’ Instruction
  • Classical Greek Discourse Analysis
  • Illinois’ Integrated Career and Academic Preparation System Curriculum Design
  • Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages International Association (TESOL)
  • Illinois TESOL-BE
  • Courses Taught
  • Introduction to Linguistic Science
  • Phonological and Grammatical Analysis of the Hmong Zhua Language of Thailand
  • Grammatical Analysis of the Tai Ya Language of Thailand
  • Discourse Segments and Prominence in Herodotus’ Scythian Narrative. M.A. thesis, Payap University.