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Josh Moody

Josh Moody, Ph.D.

Guest Instructor

On Faculty since 2021

Josh Moody's passion is the gospel. As senior pastor at College Church in Wheaton, IL, he is an expository preacher who seeks to bring God’s Word into the practical matters of the human condition and heart. He is a theologian shaped by his research in understanding the challenges of the secularization of the Enlightenment to Christian faith and the answers that influential pastor Jonathan Edwards brought to it.

He is an evangelist who led Trinity Baptist Church to revitalization in New Haven, CT; was college pastor at the influential Eden Baptist Church in Cambridge, England; served as a missionary with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students in the Republics of Georgia and Azerbaijan; and was president of the Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union at Cambridge University.

He grew up in the London area and became a follower of Jesus in the Church of England. He is married to Rochelle, and they have four children. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

University of Cambridge 
Ph.D., Theological Studies 

University of Cambridge 
M.A., History 

Yale University 
Research Fellowship, Theological Studies 

Jonathan Edwards College

  • A series of accessible guides to Christian living: How Christmas Can Change Your Life, How the Bible Can Change Your Life, How Church Can Change Your Life
  • John 1-12 For You and John 13-21 for You – a two-volume commentary on John’s Gospel
  • 7 Days to Change Your Life – a popular exploration of the life-changing power of the gospel
  • Boasting – a biblical theology of the Bible’s teaching about Christ-centered promotion
  • Preaching to the Affections – a guide for preachers about how to preach to the heart
  • Journey to Joy – an exposition of the Psalms of Ascent and their message of increasing joy
  • No Other Gospel – an exposition of Galatians and its call to gospel fidelity
  • The God-Centered Life – an accessible guide to the practical application of the teaching of the great Christian leader Jonathan Edwards
  • Jonathan Edwards and Justification – a technical work with global Jonathan Edwards scholars on Edwards’ doctrine of justification as the right framework for expressing justification today