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Gregory Lee, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Theology; Interim Director and Senior Fellow, The Wheaton Center For Early Christian Studies

On Faculty since 2011
BGC 546

Ph.D., Duke University, 2010
M.Div., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, 2003
A.B., Princeton University, 2000

About Gregory Lee
Dr. Gregory Lee is Associate Professor of Theology at Wheaton College, where he is also Senior Fellow for The Wheaton Center for Early Christian Studies, and Supporting Faculty for Wheaton’s Center for Urban Engagement. He received his A.B. at Princeton University (2000), his M.Div. at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (2003), and his Ph.D. in Christian Theological Studies at Duke University (2010). Dr. Lee’s work draws on Augustine as a conceptual resource for addressing contemporary issues of church and society. A resident of the Lawndale neighborhood of Chicago, he is especially interested in urban questions of race and class, which he approaches from a distinctly Asian American perspective. He teaches regularly for Wheaton in Chicago. He is member of Lawndale Christian Community Church, and he served for several years as Board Chair of Manna Christian Fellowship, an Asian American campus ministry at Princeton University.

  • Augustine
  • Ecclesiology
  • Political Theology
  • Asian American Theology
  • Roman Catholic Theology
  • Doctrine of the Trinity
  • History of Biblical Interpretation
  • Doctrine of Scripture
  • John Calvin
  • Christianity and Judaism
  • American Academy of Religion
  • North American Patristics Society
  • Chicago Theological Initiative
  • Syndicate, Advisory Board
  • BITH 315 Christian Thought
  • BITH 337 Early Christianity Integration Seminar
  • BITH 371/653 Early Christianity
  • BITH 371/654 Medieval Christianity
  • BITH 372 Historical Theology
  • BITH 375 Christian Ethics
  • BITH 376 Theologies of Transformation (Wheaton in Chicago)
  • BITH 381 Spiritual Classics: Augustine's Confessions
  • BITH 382 Doctrine of the Church
  • BITH 392 Doctrine of Scripture
  • BITH 396 Roman Catholic Theology
  • BITH 483/558 Theology of Augustine
  • BITH 489 Advanced Topics in Patristic Thought
  • BITH 491 Early Christianity Senior Seminar: The Annotated City of God
  • BITH 494 Senior Seminar: Faith, Work, and Flourishing
  • BITH 494 Senior Seminar: Global Christianity

Today When You Hear His Voice: Scripture, the Covenants, and the People of God (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2016).

Christian Political Witness, co-edited with George Kalantzis (Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic, 2014). 

“Tolerance and the Two Cities: Anti-Donatism for Western Church and Society,” in Saint Augustine as ‘Doctor Pacis’: Inquiries on Peace for People Living Today, ed. Anthony Dupont (Bogotá, Colombia: Uniagustiniana). Forthcoming. Approximately 9,000 words.

“Mercy and Mass Incarceration: Augustinian Reflections on ‘The New Jim Crow,’” The Journal of Religion 98 (2018): 192-223.

“Augustine’s Two Cities Revisited: Contemporary Approaches to De civitate Dei,” co-authored with Anthony Dupont, Archive of the History of Philosophy and Social Thought 61 (2016): 79-105.

“Israel between the Two Cities: Augustine’s Theology of the Jews and Judaism,” Journal of Early Christian Studies 24 (2016): 523-51. 

“Using the Earthly City: Ecclesiology, Political Activity, and Religious Coercion in Augustine,” Augustinian Studies 47 (2016): 41-63.

“Republics and Their Loves: Rereading City of God 19,” Modern Theology 27 (2011): 553-81.

Mass Incarceration in Theological Perspective

The United States incarcerates a far higher percentage of its citizens than almost every country in the world. In this TowerTalk, Dr. Gregory Lee explores how the perspectives of St. Augustine can help us formulate a Christian response to the problem of mass incarceration.