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Benjamin Weber Headshot

Benjamin Weber, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of English

On Faculty since 2017
Blanchard 309


Dr. Benjamin Weber is a specialist in Medieval Literature with wide-ranging interests in the history of the English language, the Liberal Arts tradition, and the translation and reception of Classical literature. He has published articles on Beowulf, Piers Plowman, and other medieval texts in several top journals. He is currently at work on a book entitled Woven in Words: Style, Translation, and Culture in Early England, that examines the translation of Latin poetry into Old English verse. Dr. Weber enjoys wandering through the Wade Center, rummaging through the College Archives, chasing down obscure points in Medieval Bible Commentaries, and reading Old English poetry with students in his weekly Old English Reading Group.

Ph.D., Medieval Studies Program, Cornell University

M.A., Medieval Studies Program, Cornell University

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate, Classics Department, Columbia University

A.B., English Department, Princeton University

  • Old and Middle English Literature
  • Germanic Philology
  • Medieval Latin
  • Early Modern Literature
  • The Liberal Arts Tradition
  • Medieval Education

"Sworn Swords: the Germanic Context of aðsweord in Beowulf 2064.” Anglo-Saxon England
47 (2020 for 2018): 177-196.

 "The Chains of Charity: Piers Plowman B.5.607 and Hosea 11:4." Notes and Queries 67.1 (2020): 16-18.

 “A Brief History of Anglo-Saxon Education.” History Compass 17.2 (2019): 1-13.

 “A Harmony of Contrasts: the Guthlac Poems of the Exeter Book.” Journal of English and
Germanic Philology 114.2 (2015): 201-18.

Upper Division:
Old English Language and Literature
Medieval Literature
Renaissance Literature

General Education:
Classical and Early British Literature
First-Year Seminar on Christian Education and the Liberal Arts Tradition