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Amy Black, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science

On Faculty since 2001

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Amy E. Black is Professor of Political Science at Wheaton College (IL). She earned her Ph.D. in Political Science at M.I.T. A specialist in American Government, her research interests include religion and politics, the Presidency, and Congress. She is a past president of Christians in Political Science and served as an American Political Science Association Congressional Fellow in the office of Representative Melissa A. Hart.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ph.D., Political Science, 1997

Claremont McKenna College
B.A., Government, 1991

  • American Politics and Government
  • U.S. Congress
  • The American Presidency
  • Women and Politics
  • Religion and Politics
  • Campaigns and Elections
  • Evangelicals and Politics
  • American Political Science Association: member
  • Christians in Political Science: Past President
  • Midwest Political Science Association: member

Should the United States by a Christian Nation?

In the back-and-forth between independent Senator Bernie Sanders and Russell Vought — in a nomination hearing earlier this month to determine if Vought would be the next deputy director of the White House Office of Management and Budget — Sanders criticized Vought for stating his religious belief that non-Christians are condemned. The phrase that bothered Sanders so much came from the New Testament and aligns with the historic teachings of the Christian faith.
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Who says religion and politics don't belong in polite conversation?
MPR News (Minnesota Public Radio)

There are two subjects etiquette rules say we shouldn't talk about in polite conversation: religion and politics. But political science professor Amy Black says it's both valuable and essential to discuss our political and religious world views.
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Democratic National Convention Day 2 Recap
Moody Radio Cleveland

Political scientist Dr. Amy Black recaps Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention with Moody Radio Cleveland.

Christians in Political Convention Season
Moody Radio Cleveland

Political science professor Dr. Amy Black talks with Brian and Kathleen of Moody Radio Cleveland.

On campaign trail, Walker sheds light on influence of faith
Journal Sentinel

Amy Black, an associate professor of political science at Wheaton College, an evangelical college in Illinois, said the issue is more nuanced. "There are very clear biblical principles that support caring for the poor, alleviating poverty, but also the value of hard work," Black said. "What often happens in debates over poverty is we agree on the end goal of reducing poverty, but we disagree on the means."

A shifting landscape: Gay rights, RFRA and the GOP

"The national shift in views of gay rights has been lightning fast," said Amy E. Black, a political science professor at Wheaton College. "Positions which were mainstream in both parties only a few years ago are quickly becoming marginalized."
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What will happen on Election Day? 5 scenarios for the Senate
Christian Science Monitor

In this case, Vice President Joe Biden would break ties for the Democrats. If he has designs on the presidency, though, that could impact his campaign, says Amy Black, a professor of political science at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Ill. Mr. Biden would have to adjust his schedule to stay within hailing distance of the Senate, since there is no electronic voting...
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Komen Cut To Planned Parenthood 'Mischaracterized'

Now, the latest controversy apparently started last month. An evangelical Christian group called Lifeway was selling pink Bibles for Komen, but Lifeway discovered Komen was giving Planned Parenthood money. Here's Amy Black, a political scientist at Wheaton College near Chicago. She studies evangelical Christians.
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  • American Politics and Government
  • Congress and the Policymaking Process
  • The American Presidency
  • Media and Public Opinion
  • Women and Politics
  • Campaigns and Elections
  • Senior Seminar: Christianity and Politics
  • Politics and Pop Culture
  • Political Research
  • Individual: Congressional Legislative Process, Religion and Politics
  • With Students: Old Testament Ethics and Domestic Poverty

The Neglected Middle Ground, thebestschools.org
Amy Black, 2017

Evangelicals, Politics, and Public Policy: Lessons from the Past, Prospects for the Future, The Future of American Evangelicalism
Amy Black, 2016

Review: "Mind the Gap?" Robert Putnam on "the American Dream in Crisis.", Books and Culture - A Christian Review
Amy Black, Kira Dirrman, 2016
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Modeling A More Excellent Way: Thoughts on Respectful Dialogue, Evangelicals on Public Policy Issues: Sustaining a Respectful Conversation
Amy Black, 2014

Opportunities and Obstacles: Congress and International Religious Freedom Policy, Review of Faith and International Affairs
Amy Black, 2013

The Cure for Election Madness, Christianity Today
Amy Black, 2012

Politics as Christian Witness

American politics is often characterized more by angry shouting matches than by thoughtful discussions. How can Christians be a witness for Christ in this arena? In this TowerTalk, Professor of Political Science Amy E. Black encourages us to re-imagine politics as a form of Christian witness and discusses ways we can model Christian virtues in contemporary politics.


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