Faculty Profiles

Adam Wood

Adam Wood, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophy, Department Chair

On Faculty since 2012


Dr. Wood teaches mostly ancient and medieval philosophy. He's especially concerned with bringing medieval thought to bear on contemporary philosophical concerns in metaphysics, the philosophy of mind, and the philosophy of religion. His research has focused recently on the resurrection, souls and their powers, theories of cognition, and the problem of hell. He's interested as well in Islamic philosophy and environmental ethics. When he's not working, Dr. Wood can usually be found outdoors, gardening vegetables, running, biking, hiking or flyfishing. Dr. Wood is married to Caris, an Occupational Therapist, and their children are Gus, Cate, Abe and Sophie. The Woods are members of All Souls Anglican Church and live in West Chicago.

Fordham University
Ph.D., Philosophy, 2012

Fordham University
M.A., Philosophy, 2007

Wheaton College
B.A., Philosophy and Ancient Languages, 2004

  • Medieval Philosophy
  • Philosophy of Mind/Philosophical Psychology
  • Metaphysics
  • Aristotle

The "Dual Sources Account," Predestination and the Problem of Hell
European Journal for Philosophy of Religion

Disembodied Souls without Dualism? Thomas Aquinas on Why You Won't Go to Heaven When You Die (But Your Soul Just Might)
Christian Scholars Review

A Beatitude Paradox for Certain Monotheists? The Cases of Ibn Tufayl and Thomas Aquinas
Heythrop Journal (58:6)
November 2017

Aquinas vs. Buridan on the Substance and Powers of the Soul
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ed. Gyula Klima, 2017

Mind the Gap? The Principle of Non-Repeatability and Aquinas's Account of the Resurrection
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ed. Robert Pasnau, 2015

Incorporeal Nous and the Science of the Soul in Aristotle's De anima
International Philosophical Quarterly (52:2)
June 2012

The Faculties of the Soul and Some Medieval Mind-Body Problems
The Thomist (75:4)
October 2011

A Dual Sources Theodicy for Hell
The Nature and Limits of Theodicy International Workshop, University of Navarre, Pamplona, Spain
December 2019

Delayed Beatitude, Primal Sin and Theodicy
Annual Symposium on Medieval and Renaissance Studies, St. Louis University
June 2019

Aquinas on Our Incorruptible Souls and Incorporeal Intellects: Ontological Dependence and Explanation
Cornell Summer Colloquium in Medieval Philosophy, Brooklyn, NY
June 2018

Aquinas and Some Contemporary Hylomorphists on Virtual Presence
Morris Colloquium for Medieval Philosophy, University of Colorado, Boulder
April 2018

San Buenaventura, Durando de San Porciano y la posibilidad de la resurreción
Simposio Internacionál "La Actualidad de la Filosofia", Colegio Universitario de la Santa Cruz
November 2017

A Beatitude Paradox for Certain Monotheists?
Fourth International Conference on Philosophy of Religion, Islamic Azad University
January 2016

Teleology in Aquinas's Theory of Cognition
Cornell Summer Colloquium in Medieval Philosophy, Cornell University
May 2015


  • Metaphysics
  • Philosophy of Mind/Philosophical Psychology
  • Aristotle
  • Medieval Philosophy
  • Aquinas
  • History of Philosophy (Ancient and Medieval)
  • Souls and Brains
  • The Good Life
  • Faith, Reason and Politics in Islam
  • Introduction to Philosophy