Spanish Study Abroad Opportunities

Study in Mexico, Spain, or Latin America

Spanish Study Abroad Opportunities

Spanish Study Abroad Opportunities

Options for Studying Abroad

Studying abroad in a Spanish-speaking environment is not only the most effective form of language acquisition, but also is a life-changing experience which helps promote your intercultural understanding and better equips you for a career working with Hispanic communities. All Spanish majors at Wheaton College participate in academic study abroad programs, completing at least 8 credit hours of coursework, in a Spanish-speaking country of their choice. You may choose to study for a summer term, a semester, or even a full-year program abroad. 

The Spanish department at Wheaton provides three different study abroad programs for you to choose from:

Our summer programs alternate between Spain (even years) and a country in Latin America (odd years). Generally, two faculty members lead about 20 students on these 8-week cultural and linguistic immersion experiences, which include courses focused on a topic of study related to that country.

Our department also offers a full semester program every Spring semester in the lovely colonial town of Querétaro, Mexico, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

These programs, in addition to a rigorous academic experience, will give you the opportunity to visit many sites of historic and cultural importance in the company of Wheaton professors who will help you process the material you're learning, all the while keeping issues of faith at the forefront.