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Reading the Sermon on the Mount

Reading the Sermon on the Mount
Classic Christian Resources for Moral Formation

Sponsored by The Center for Applied Christian Ethics and the Biblical & Theological Studies Department

Thursday, November 3 through Saturday November 5, Barrows Auditorium, Wheaton College

Speakers Include (free mp3 downloads)

Margaret M. Mitchell
Robert Louis Wilken
David Lyle Jeffery
Susan E. Schreiner
Stephen R. Spencer
Mark A. Noll
Timothy Larsen
Stanley Hauerwas
William T. Cavanaugh
Jeffrey P. Greenman

This conference seeks to build upon a growing interest in the history of biblical interpretation. Leading Christian scholars will explore several chapters in Matthew's Gospel that have often been viewed as the very heart of Jesus' teaching.

Particular topics to be discussed:

  • How the church has interacted with the Sermon on the Mount through the centuries.
  • Examination of the ways Christian thinkers, both ancient and modern, have read Christ's words in different social and political contexts.
  • Ways in which the core message of Christ's teaching and its appropriate application have been perceived in different theological traditions.

We will use a wide range of example figures as an occasion for ethical reflection and moral formation. We aim to think beyond the assumptions of our contexts and, with the aid of the Spirit, to hear Christ's words in the Sermon on the Mount as a call to lives of greater faithfulness.

For more information and registration questions please contact: Bible and Theological Studies, Wheaton College 630.752.5197 or email:

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