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New Collections

New and Updated Collections at the BGC Archives

Katherine and Vaus in RRThe Archives is continually adding items to its holdings—newly discovered letters, a recently donated photo album, transcripts to oral history interviews, an entirely new collection, and much more.

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New Collections

Collection 655: Oral History Interview with Raymond Adonai (New, August 2020)

Oral history interviews with Adonai. Topics discussed include family background and childhood in Nigeria, his conversion and the development of his Christian faith, graduate education in Poland; ministry among university students through the Christian Student Association of Poland (ChSA) and the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES); African students in Poland; Pentecostalism in Poland; founding of the Victory in Jesus Church in Lodz, Poland; impressions of the Wheaton College Graduate School. 

Collection 642: Oral History Interviews with Susan J. Nivens (New, August 2020)

Oral history interviews with Susan Nivens, in which she discusses her childhood in Michigan, development of her Christian faith, education at Bethany Bible College, joining the Summer Institute of Linguistics/Wycliffe Bible Translators, the relationship between the two; her marriage; work in Indonesia among the Tarangan people; raising a family in the field; the processes of Bible translation; Indonesian village life; Muslim/Christian relations; experiences during a jihad, helping to create and administer the SIL training program for indigenous Indonesian translators; Wheaton College and the Wheaton College Graduate School. 

Collection 640: Records of International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (New, August 2020)

Correspondence, reports, administration files, and photographs documenting the ministry work of IFES most extensively between 1971 and 1998. The records document in detail the activities and influence of the global IFES student movement at both country and international levels, recording its worldwide growth, impact on the church, its staff and activities in many particular countries, its international assemblies and conferences, and publications of both the larger organization and its national members.

Collection 626: Oral History Interview with Stephen Christopher (New, July 2020)

Oral history interview with Stephen Christopher, a Tamil mission leader. Topics covered in the interview include his childhood, education and conversion; the work of Dohnavur Fellowship; ministry of his father (P. T. Christopher) and the founding of the Tamil Gospel Village Mission, his own vision for the ministry; the Christian church in northern and southern India; and a comparison of Indian and American Christianity. 

Collection 641: Oral History Interviews with David Kirwa Tarus (New, June 2020)

Oral history interviews with David Kirwa Tarus, a Kenyan pastor and theologian. Tarus describes the ministry of his parents; growing up in Kenya; his conversion; spiritual development; Scott Theological College; the Africa Inland Church in Kenya; Scott’s satellite campus in Eldoret; the general condition of Christianity in Kenya; his impressions of the United States and Wheaton Graduate School; the 2008 election of Barak Obama.

Collection 709: Oral History Interviews with John Innes (New, June 2020)

Oral history interviews with John Innes, in which he describes his family background; spiritual growth; development of musical talent; education at Moody Bible Institute and Wheaton College; and career as an organist and pianist with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association for over 40 years. Topics discussed include the development of the BGEA’s music team; changes in the BGEA structure and leadership; various BGEA figures, including Billy Graham; George Beverly Shea; Cliff Barrows; Franklin Graham; Don Hustad; Leighton Ford; among others.

Collection 679: Oral History Interviews with John and Virginia Casto (New, June 2020)

Oral history interviews with John and Virginia Casto. Topics discussed include their family backgrounds; their education at Prairie Bible Institute and elsewhere; marriage; work in Thailand as missionaries with Overseas Missionary Fellowship in hospital evangelism, nursing, and church planting; the Thai church; raising a family on the mission field.

Collection 631: Oral History Interview with Maria Katherine Waldschmidt (New, June 2020)

Oral history interview with Maria Katherine Waldschmidt in which she discusses her family background, Roman Catholic upbringing, experiences as an exchange student in Germany, her spiritual struggle and conversion; spiritual atmosphere in Germany in the late 1980s.

Collection 680: Papers of the Almond Family (New, May 2020)

Diaries and oral history interviews documenting the work of Overseas Missionary Fellowship (China Inland Mission) workers Louis Almond, his first wife Stella and his second wife Helen in China (1949-1951), Thailand and the United States. 

Collection 635: Oral History Interviews with Theodore W. Mole (New, May 2020)

Oral history interview with Mole, a missionary and church planter with CB International and Interact Ministries in the Ukraine and Siberia. Topics covered in the interview include involvement with InterVarsity; churching planting among Russian immigrants in Denver; teaching missions at Donetsk Christian University in Ukraine; Svet Evanglia, a Ukrainian mission agency; working in Siberia as a church planter and counselor among the Sakha (Caxa) people and among the nomadic Eveni people.

Collection 569: Oral History Interviews with Donna Sue Wasson (New, April 2020)

Oral history interviews with Donna Sue Wasson, a missionary of Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) working in Taiwan starting in 1985. Topics discussed include her childhood and early spiritual seeking, conversion while in college, membership in Moody Church in Chicago and education at Moody Bible Institute, acceptance as a missionary by Overseas Missionary Fellowship, orientation in Singapore, her evangelistic ministry in Taiwan among factory workers, including teaching English classes; characteristics of OMF as an organization. 

Collection 656: Oral History Interviews with Cynthia L. Judge (New, April 2020)

Oral history interviews with Cynthia L. Judge, a volunteer leader in the Short-Term Missions movement (STM). Topics discussed include: attendance at Moody Bible Institute; Chicago in 1968 after the assassination of Martin Luther King; work as a staff member of Campus Crusade for Christ in Tennessee and West Virginia; marriage to James Judge; short-term mission trips to Ecuador and Kenya; Africa Inland Mission and Africa Inland Church; Explo '72; the STM programs at College Church, Willow Creek Community Church, and Wheaton Bible Church; reflections on the development of STM movement over twenty years.

Collection 617: Oral History Interview with Soong-Chan Rah (New, April 2020)

One oral history interview with Soong-Chan Rah in which he describes his family background, experiences as an immigrant to the United States in the early 1970s from South Korea, his spiritual development, experiences as a church-planter, and ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

Collection 623: Oral History Interviews with Christopher B. Ladish (New, April 2020)

Oral history interview with Christopher Ladish in which he discusses his childhood, conversion to Christian faith, marriage, joining Wycliffe Bible Translators/Summer Institute of Linguistics, his translation and literacy work in the Koromfe language among the Koromba people of Burkina Faso, the characteristics of the Wycliffe organization and staff, and methods of Bible translation. 

Collection 651: Oral History Interviews with Mary J. Hawthorne (New, March 2020)

Oral history interviews with Mary J. Hawthorne in which she describes her experiences working in community development, education, evangelism, and medical missions among the Quechua people in Bolivia with SIM International for over 20 years, beginning in 1989. Topics discussed include her family background and spiritual development; education at Wheaton College; impressions of various mission agencies; including SIM, Medical Assistance Program (MAP), and the Moravians; challenges of cross-cultural communication; medical missions; impressions of various regions of Bolivia, including Cochabamba, Sucre, and Yawisla; missions in urban and rural settings; the Quechua people and language; and the benefits of cross-cultural training for missionary candidates. 

New Oral History Transcripts

Since the early 1980s, members of the Archives staff have conducted over 800 hours of oral history interviews with more than 275 individuals involved in mass evangelism, global missions, Christian education, community development, medical work, and Bible translation. These figures include well-known names such as Cliff Barrows, Elisabeth Elliot, David Howard, John Huffman, William Pannell, John Perkins, and many more. To date, the Archives staff have completed over 430 transcripts to these interviews. Follow the links below to read our latest oral history transcripts. 

Please note: Oral history interview transcripts are not available online during the interviewee's lifetime. 

 Collection 414: Papers of Wade T. Coggins. Transcript for Tape 6 & 7 (added September 2020)

 Collection 514: Ephemera of Wheaton College Revivals. Transcripts for Tapes 36, 45, 48, 55 & 72 (added August 2020)

Collection 434: Papers of Jack FrizenTranscripts for Tapes 5, 6, 8 & 10 (Added July 2020). 

Collection 391: Papers of Robert C. Schneider. Transcript for Tape 2, 3 & 4 (added April and May 2020)

Collection 414: Papers of Wade Coggins. Transcript for Tape 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (added April 2020)

Collection 249: Papers of Myron and Elizabeth Harrison. Transcript for Tape 1 (added January 2020)