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Publications & Exhibits

Digital Exhibits from the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center Archives

The WCBGC Archives' digital exhibits combine documents and artifacts from the collections with historical narrative to offer a glimpse inside the story of North American, nondenominational evangelism and global missions. These exhibits focus on significant individuals or events, such as Christian evangelism during the Jazz Age, Billy Graham's seminal 1957 New York Crusade, and Jim Elliot and "Operation Auca" in Ecuador.

To Carry the Light Further

Want to learn more about the history of Christian evangelism or global missions? Visit our online exhibits to view archival treasures and hear voices from the past. 

From the Vault Blog

Every month, the Archives features a unique document, photograph, film or other item from the collections our blog, From the Vault and its predecessor, the Archives Bulletin Board. These items offer a glimpse into the lives of men and women involved in Christian service—medical work, education, evangelism, religious broadcasting, prison ministry, Bible translation, and much more—both in North America and around the world.

Hell Gate Station

Visit From the Vault and browse hundreds of stories and items from the Archives' collections.

Contributions to Digital Archives and Exhibits

In addition to building its own digital exhibits, the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center Archives welcomes the opportunity to make its collections more accessible to users around the globe through partnership with other memory institutions by contributing to a variety of digital archives and exhibits created and maintained by other institutions. To date, the WCBGC Archives is participating in three separate digital archives initiatives at The Moody Center, Livingstone Online, and the Chinese Christian Posters exhibit at The Center for Global Christianity & Mission at Boston University. 

Please contact the Archives for more information about our approach to digital collaborations with other institutions.

Sower Parable Poster

Learn more about the Archives' contributions to other digital exhibits and archives hosted by institutions around the United States, and delve into digital resources documenting the lives of David Livingstone, D. L. Moody, and evangelism efforts in mid-century China.

Staff Presentations

One cherished benefit of working in an archives is hands-on experience with the collections. At the WCBGC Archives, one way we make this firsthand knowledge available to scholars, students, and the greater community is through staff presentations on a wide variety of topics, including Billy Graham, R. A. Torrey, Donald McGavran, and the sinking of the Zamzam, among others.

Bob presentation

Want to know more about the treasures from the Archives collections? Read our staff presentations highlighting figures and events from history.