Music Study by Area

The Wheaton College Conservatory of Music is a host of numerous undergraduate music degree programs, served by an incredible community of faculty artists and scholars. Each area is comprised of instrument-specific studios led by expert faculty artists who not only train and teach but also foster an encouraging and supportive community working towards creative excellence.


The faculty in the Conservatory serves a broad array of instrumentation. The instrumentation is comprised of various areas and served by faculty area chairs.

Keyboard, Daniel Paul Horn, D.M.A. Professor of Music.

Strings, Lee Joiner, D.M.A. Associate Professor of Music.

Voice, Co-chaired by Sarah Holman, D.M.A.. Professor of Music, and Tom Hueber, D.M.A. Assistant Professor of Music.

Woodwinds and Percussion, Jonathan Saylor, Ph.D. Professor of Music.