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Lauren Frandsen

Lauren Frandsen

Advanced Marriage and Family Therapy Intern
Early Childhood Therapy, Adolescent/Teen Therapy, Families

Parenting takes us on a profound journey of discovery and growth. For many of us, this journey introduces the power of unconditional love, and we find our hearts overflowing. This love can drive us to leave no stone unturned as we seek to provide our children with a safe environment and enriching opportunities for growth and fulfillment. The desire to get it right can be exhausting, especially when life throws us challenges that stretch our resources and make it challenging to take care of ourselves, let alone our children. Anxiety, depression, and self-doubt can take over and we can find ourselves stuck under the weight of it all.

I am passionate about supporting you in your parenting journey, even when circumstances seem to be stacked against you. There can be a deep sense of grief that comes along with realizing that the life you thought you could build for your family is in jeopardy or has not become a reality. This is where I step in to help your family identify your needs, share thoughts and feelings with each other, and deepen your connections.

Couple’s therapy is another area of clinical interest for me. When working together, I strive to create a calm and safe environment where you are invited to process life events and feelings at your pace. My goal is to help you and your partner unpack your painful experiences and work together to create a deeper connection as well as solutions which meet your goals.

Mental health is foundational to healthy relationships within our families. Whether you are co-parenting, single parenting, divorced, or married, your emotional and relational health is critical. If you need time to regroup and reset, let’s work together.

Getting to Know Me

I am a native Arizonian, being born and raised there, and earned my bachelor’s degree in behavioral health science from Grand Canyon University. While I am deeply grateful for my roots in Arizona, my transition to Wheaton College to pursue a career in the field of mental health has been an exciting and inspiring chapter of my life.

My education and clinical work build on years of experience as a nanny throughout high school and college. I cherish the rich time I had with these families, where I could walk alongside them as they navigated the challenges of life. My perspective on family life has been forever enriched as I experienced a variety of family dynamics up close for an extended time. I was able to witness the highs and lows and everything in between. This experience was formative in birthing my desire to support parents in their quest to create healthy and vibrant relationships within their families.