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Currently, we offer 3 options for paying for therapy:

  • We accept BCBS PPO, which means that insurance usually covers at least a portion of therapy services for many clients.
  • However, not all BCBS PPO plans are the same:
    • For many clients, there is a co-pay or co-insurance, which means you pay a part of the costs.
    • Some clients have a deductible, which means that you pay for health care services until you reach your deductible amount. At that time, insurance starts to provide coverage for some (or all) of the fees, depending on your plan.
    • In some cases, therapy may not be covered.
  • We recommend contacting your BCBS PPO to understand your plan.
  • For all other insurances, we are considered “out-of-network.”
  • We recommend contacting your insurance company to determine if they will cover mental health counseling for out-of-network providers.
  • If they cover out-of-network providers, follow these steps:
    • Pay for therapy.
    • Ask us for documentation.
    • Submit reimbursement forms and documentation to your insurance.
  • Your insurance company will determine how much they will reimburse you.
  • Some clients prefer to pay for services themselves.
  • For clients in financial hardship, scholarships may be available to help defray the cost for therapy.
  • Please call for more information.

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Call us at 630-733-8161 to learn more about paying for therapy services.